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Israelis elect the President of the Russian Federation: Sobchak bypassed Putin. The results of the survey

On the website ended a survey of «presidential Elections of Russia», aimed at clarifying the preferences of our readership on this topic. The voting was held after the CEC approved the list of candidates.

Presidential elections will be held on March 18, they will be able to take part the Russian citizens residing or temporarily residing in Israel with a valid Russian passport.

In our online voting were open to everyone.

In the survey, which was conducted over one day (12-13 February), attended 2.649 respondents (2.312 of them answered all 12 questions).


44% of the survey respondents have the right to vote in the election of the President of the Russian Federation (they have a valid Russian passport). More than half of that group said they were going to vote on March 18.

52,5% of the respondents disagree with the view that an Israeli citizen, even those having another nationality, must only participate in Israeli elections. 28% with this opinion I agree.

30% of readers said that these elections would vote «against all». Of the candidates with the most votes – 24% – was given to Ksenia Sobchak («Civil initiative»). 19% preferred the current President, Vladimir Putin, 11% – the leader of the party «Yabloko» Grigory Yavlinsky. Followed by: Pavel Grudinin (KPRF) – 7% Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR) – 3%. Three registered candidate Boris Titov (the»Party of Growth»), Maxim suraykin («Communists of Russia») and Sergey Baburin («Russian national Union»), received less than 1% of the vote.

43.5% of respondents said that they would give their vote for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, if he was allowed to vote. 66% is not considered reasonable and lawful decision on not allowing Navalny to participate to the presidential elections in Russia.

32% said that a positive attitude to Navalny calls to ignore the elections of the President of the Russian Federation and did not participate in them. 35% shall apply to such appeals in the negative.

Respondents were asked the question: «what do you think, why Ksenia Sobchak announced his candidacy in the presidential election?»47% chose the answer: «for the Sake of «PR»». Also frequent were the answers: «to help the Kremlin to «retouch» the refusal to register Navalny» – 22%, «to give personal service to a family friend Vladimir Putin» – 19,5%, «in Order to solve their personal problems» – 19% «to return to the Federal television channels» – 19% «to show how many Russians oppose what is happening in the country» – 18% «to draw attention to important issues» – 17%.

The majority of respondents believe that Sobchak, apparently, agreed with Putin’s decision about his candidacy in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation. 36% said that this might be so, 29% chose the answer «Rather Yes than no». Only 25% believe that this decision had not been agreed with Putin.

The question was asked: «why do you think the Communist party has nominated a presidential candidate entrepreneur Grudinina, not the party leader Zyuganov?»The most frequent answers: «Because the Communist party decided to play along with the Kremlin» – 29%, «Because Zyuganov is tired of political struggle» – 26%, «Because Grudinina more chances to win» – 16%, «Because Grudinin – successful «man of the people»» – 16%.

The vast majority of respondents, over 86% believe that Putin at this time will win an easy victory in the first round.

Almost two-thirds of respondents, 64%, opposed to the fact that Putin once again running for President of the Russian Federation.

44% believe that after the presidential elections in 2018 the situation in Russia worsens. 11% believe that the situation in Russia will improve. 38% believe that it will remain unchanged.

The online survey and the actual voting in the past presidential elections of the Russian Federation

In 2012, the results of the survey on the website businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, running then for President of Russia, through Vladimir Putin. They then scored, respectively, 47% and 15% of the vote.

However, the actual voting at polling stations in Israel in 2012, gave a different result: 48% voted for Putin, and 40% for Prokhorov.

Assessment of the Russian Embassy in Israel, home to about 150 thousand existing holders of Russian passports, but in 2012, just over 11 thousand, including tourists from Russia, voted in the elections of the President of the Russian Federation. That is, the appearance of Russian citizens living in Israel, those elections was not more than 7%.

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Israelis elect the President of the Russian Federation: Sobchak bypassed Putin. The results of the survey 13.02.2018

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