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Israelis flying abroad, received a «training manual» to combat BDS

Before departing from the airport Ben Gurion of Israeli tourists got a little «training manual» that explains how to deal with slander BDS activists. The brochure handed out Yair Lapid and activists of the party «Yesh Atid».

The press service of the party «Yesh Atid» reports that on Tuesday, December 15, Yair Lapid and party activists have started raising campaign aimed at attracting Israelis to fight the defamation spread against Israel by the BDS organization. The campaign was launched at the international airport Ben Gurion, where all are serving abroad were given the brochure.

In recent months, Lapid has been fighting against attempts to boycott Israel, holding meetings with political and public figures in the U.S. and Europe, as well as speaking in the media, where it opposes the truth libel.

The press service of «Yesh Atid» notes that the Israelis turned to the Lapidus with a request to provide them with outreach materials and explain how they can contribute to the fight on social media and during trips abroad. That is why «manual» begins with the words: «Not all anti-Semites, not all are against us, we just have to explain to them our position. We have prepared for you a small booklet and distributed to every lie you wrote the truth. In this war — we are all ambassadors».

Israelis flying abroad, received a «training manual» to combat BDS 15.12.2015

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