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Issued by the Houthis landed in the Red sea

Control the North of Yemen Shiite rebels-Houthis made a rocket attack on the territory of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom led a coalition supporting the internationally recognized government of Yemen.

As reported by Saudi sources, one of the rockets fell into the Red sea, in international waters. The second was intercepted by anti-aircraft missile complex PATRIOT. The wreckage fell in an open area, causing no injuries.

Arab media reported the resumption of fierce fighting in the al-Masab, where in recent time remained calm. The loss of the parties were dozens of dead and wounded, also reported the mass desertion of the Huthis and government soldiers.

In the province of Shabwah in southern Yemen, an elite unit of the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates, with US support, dislodged militants «al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula» from several oil-rich areas.

According to army sources, the jihadists retreated without getting sucked into fights. Local residents talk about convoys of dozens of cars that have passed to the province of Abyan.

Issued by the Houthis landed in the Red sea 08.08.2017

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