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It reveals the network of Hizbullah smuggling drugs from South America

Sunday, February 1, the American Management on struggle against drugs (Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA) announced the disclosure of the network of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hizbullah, which used the proceeds from drug trafficking, imported from South America, to Finance its fighters in Syria and Lebanon, and weapons procurement.

As CNN reports, with the corresponding statement was made by the representative of DEA Jack Riley. The report notes that the investigation was launched in February 2015.

During international operations, to which were attracted by the law enforcement authorities of seven countries (CNN calls among them France, Germany, Italy and Belgium), were arrested four agents of Hizbullah.

CNN quoted expert on the fight against terror Matt Levitt from the Washington Institute for near East policy, who notes that, amid ruinous to the regime of Bashar al-Assad war in Syria and the economic crisis in Iran, Hizbullah, who lost much of financial support from our main sponsors, was forced to step up their efforts to extract revenue from smuggling drugs.

Previously it was repeatedly reported that the sources of income of Hizbullah are: the smuggling of precious stones from Africa, selling used and stolen cars, cigarette smuggling, etc.

In November 2014, the Brazilian edition of O Globo reported that Hezbollah has established ties with Brazil’s largest criminal group «Primeiro Comando da Capital» (PCC). The source indicated that the first contacts between Hizbullah and PCC began to be installed in 2006 (on the eve of the Second Lebanon war). But only two years later, law enforcement received a confirmation of my suspicions about the contacts in the prisons of são Paulo and paraná between the Lebanese terrorists and the Brazilian criminal authorities. Agents of Hizbullah operating in the border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, provided the PCC in drugs and weapons. The Brazilian criminals not only bought weapons from the Arabs, but exchanged it for explosives. Thus, in particular, it became known that Hezbollah had received from PCC plastic explosive C-4, stolen from a military warehouse in Paraguay. It is also known that the leadership of the PCC has ensured the security of the activists of «Hezbollah», which fell in a Brazilian prison.

Publication 2014 it was noted that previously, the government of Brazil did not confirm reports of the US authorities that in the territory of that Latin American countries are agents of Hizbullah, although he admitted that they were aware of «collecting money for the needs of Lebanese organizations». But O Globo published excerpts of documents showing that the Brazilian law enforcement agencies conducted several operations against Lebanese linked to Hizbullah and the smuggling of weapons and drugs.

It reveals the network of Hizbullah smuggling drugs from South America 02.02.2016

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