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It trump in Riyadh: the forces of good must share the hardships of the struggle against evil

Sunday, may 21, Donald trump gave a speech at a summit of regional leaders in Riyadh. The text of his speech, which referred to the need to combat extremism in Islam, the media quoted before trump took the podium.

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In the text of the speech trump said about the ability to «United and strong» forces of good to defeat evil, if the forces of good not only unite, but also to be «honest» to share the burden of this struggle.

The American President stressed that the U.S. is not going to unleash a new war in the middle East, and seek to create partnerships and to «promote safety through stability.» According to him, Washington will strive for gradual reforms and will try to avoid «sudden intervention».

At the same time, trump said: «the Middle East can’t wait until American power will crush their enemies for them. The Middle East must decide what future they want for themselves» (cited in the publication of RIA Novosti).

«We didn’t come here to lecture me, to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to pray. Instead, we offer a partnership based on shared interests and values to achieve a common future for all of us,» the statement says trump.

Trump also assured that the fight against terrorism is not «a conflict of faiths, sects or of civilizations,» «the battle between the forces of good and criminals-barbarians».

Donald trump called on Muslim countries to fight discrimination. «We must honestly confront the crisis of Islamic extremism and terrorist Islamist groups, which he inspires. This means a joint opposition to the killing of innocent Muslims, suppression of women, persecution of Jews and the massacre of the Christians,» – said in his speech.

It trump in Riyadh: the forces of good must share the hardships of the struggle against evil 21.05.2017

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