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Izvestia: Russia is counting on billions in military contracts with Iran

The Russian presidential aide for military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin in an interview to the newspaper «Izvestiya» told about the prospects of military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.

The lifting of sanctions with Iran can significantly increase the package of orders for Russian weapons. Military embargo will be lifted after 5 years. It is true that some military products can be supplied now with the approval from the UN. Moscow hopes the contracts with Iran to billions of dollars.

«When they would remove all the limitations, all sanctions, I think we have enough serious development in the field of military-technical cooperation, partly it is already in progress on those things that do not fall under the sanctions, in future we are counting on very large projects. – said Kozhin. – The interest of the Iranian side is very large. They really need serious updating almost all of its armed forces. In all directions. Everything needs upgrading, upgrade. Given that it is a large country with large armed forces, of course, we will focus on very large contracts, it’s about billions».

Recently, Russia has supplied Iran with the first sentino-rocket complexes With-300.

Experts commenting on the subject of future deliveries of Russian weapons to Iran, noted that the Islamic Republic is in need of complete re-equipment of its army. It is suggested that the main suppliers of arms to Iran are Russia and China.

Izvestia: Russia is counting on billions in military contracts with Iran 07.12.2015

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