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«Izvestia»: the targets of terrorists Basayev were the state Duma, the Bolshoi theatre, the Estrada Theatre and Kirkorov

October 23, 2002 in the Theatrical center on Dubrovka during a performance of «Nord-OST» kicks in at about 40 terrorists. They took hostage 914 spectators and participants of the musical «Nord-OST». Early in the morning of 26 October the most part of hostages was freed in a special operation, but during the storm killed (according to official figures) at least 130 people. Public organization «Nord-OST» believes that as a result of operation on clearing of hostages killed more than 170 people. Officially it was claimed that all the militants were killed, but their names often pop up in the list of the most wanted Chechen militants. In December 2014 it became known about the arrest of Hassan Zakayev, one of the alleged organizers of the terrorist attack, was wanted 12 years.

A year ago we published the details of the investigation, according to which Hassan Zakayev (born 1973), together with Shamil Basayev and Dudayev Girijana (under investigation) are the organizers of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka in 2002. According to investigators, Zakayev took part in transportation to Moscow weapons, explosives and suicide belts. With the lawyer of the accused Suleiman Ibragimov, the court then took a subscription about nondisclosure of any information concerning this case.

But on December 22, 2015 the Russian newspaper «Izvestia» published data from the indictment in the criminal case against Hasan Zakayev.

«Izvestia» write that initially the terrorists were going to seize the building of the state Duma together with the deputies, and the Grand theatre during the performance. After investigation and analysis of the situation of these sites have been rejected: the state Duma building was well protected, and the fighters were afraid that they cannot afford such an object by one unit, and under the Big theatre was the underground tunnels, which could benefit the forces. In the end, choosing between the hostage-taking in Moscow variety Theatre on the Bersenevskaya embankment and theatrical center on Dubrovka, the militants Basayev stopped at last. They also found that two booby-trapped car «Lada» did not explode in the center of Moscow for a curious reason: the warrant officer of the defense Ministry, terrorists who bought the explosives, tricked them and sold them under the guise of conventional explosives clay. Was preparing an attack against the singer Philip Kirkorov, but then also saved an accident.

During interrogations, Zakayev said that in October 2002 in Moscow there arrived the squad of militants, as well as two potential suicide bombers – Zaire Daudova and Aishat amaeva. According to the original plan, October 19 at crowded places in Moscow were supposed to explode «live bombs» filled with explosives and cars, and then the militants were planning to seize any large object. According to investigators, on 10 October, Akhmed Zakayev, surpassed by «McDonalds» near the metro station «Yugo-Zapadnaya» bomb car «Tavria» and turned on the bomb’s timer for 19:00. After the terrorist attack in McDonald’s, the victim of which was one of the people in Moscow were strengthened security measures, Zakayev was afraid that the bombers can detain and disarm, so he decided to use them later – after the seizure of an object’s primary group.

The group of militants had originally planned to seize the building of the state Duma and the Bolshoi theatre. In the first case, the terrorists were going to hold a rally during working hours, when the Parliament building would be a lot of MPs and high-ranking officials. The militants were planning to round up all the MPs and staff in the Central conference room, set there are some powerful bombs, as well as place all over the building emplacements is described in the publication «News». However, the reconnaissance fighters have found out that the building of the state Duma is well protected by the forces of the Federal security service, so one squad could not cope with this task. To control so many areas, it would take another detachment and additional weapons. Another object of the attack was to become the Bolshoi theatre. The militants also planned to seize it in the midst of the popular show. People were going to block in the auditorium, there setting the bombs. Zakayev said that the building of the Bolshoi theater Basayev liked the fact that it was an area that was well seen: militants could have time to notice the attempt to storm, open fire and detonate the bombs. However, it soon became clear that under the building of the Bolshoi theatre have basements and premises with communications, through which the special forces would quietly enter the building and destroy the militants.

Rejecting both options, Basayev has ordered to consider the possibility of capturing a large theatre. The rebels decided to seize viewers one of the most popular musicals of all time. The choice fell on the musical «Chicago» that went to the variety Theatre on Bersenevskaya embankment in Moscow, as well as the «Nord-OST» in the theatrical center on Dubrovka. In the first case the hostages could be more than 1200 people, in another – about a thousand. As a result, the militants chose to attack in the theatrical center on Dubrovka, where on 23 October 2002 captured 900 spectators.

On the same day Zaire Daudova was to conduct terrorist acts in the variety Theatre: during the performance of Philip Kirkorov to throw on the stage an improvised grenade «chataku», collected from shot to automatic grenade VOG-17, and explode in the hall a suicide belt filled with metal balls. The bomber had to take a seat in the front row. On the appointed day Zaire Daudov brought to the theatre of action Akhyad mezhiyev, he had to give the command to undermining by the mobile phone. The girl freely passed through security, but on duty in the theater demanded to hand over a cell phone (in 2002, other models have not disconnected the call and spectators with mobile phones is not missed in the hall). Without any contact, Daudova panicked – she couldn’t get the signal at the suicide bombing. Having been in the theater for about an hour, Zaire left the building and headed to the car with Nagievym.

After this failed suicide Zaire Daudova and Aishat amaeva went to Ingushetia, about 5 years nothing about them was known. Both were detained in 2007. Zaire Daudova told about the planned attack, but because of ignorance of Moscow reported that it was planned at the cinema «Pushkin». However, information about the Chechen terrorist attack, investigators began to explore considering the circumstances as a voluntary renunciation of the crime. In the end, Daudova was convicted only for illegal possession of weapons and amnestied in the courtroom.

As it turned out, at the same time in the centre of Moscow it was planned to hold two more of the attack, but they were broken for a curious reason: the militants bought about 30 kilograms of explosives in the ensign of one of military units of the defense Ministry, laid it with the detonators in two tanks of «Zhiguli» and left them in the center of the capital. However, at the right time the bombs exploded. When intelligence agencies find these cars already parked on the highway and sent the explosives for examination, it was found that the ensign had been deceived by terrorists and sold them for tens of thousands of dollars of ordinary clay.

As has told «news» the lawyer of victims on the terrorist attack in the theatrical center on Dubrovka Igor Trunov, a criminal case against Zakayev was recently returned from the court to the Prosecutor’s office because of violations of procedural character.

The organizer of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka and many other terrorist attacks – Shamil Basayev – Russia forces had killed in Ingushetia in the summer of 2006. Subsequently were arrested and convicted accomplices of the gunmen: six people received from 8.5 years to 22 years of imprisonment.

«Izvestia»: the targets of terrorists Basayev were the state Duma, the Bolshoi theatre, the Estrada Theatre and Kirkorov 22.12.2015

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