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Jaloma from Ofakim. The history of the Israelite that helps you survive the terror

«Hello, I Jaloma from Ofakim. I’m not a social worker, I’m a simple woman,» it usually seems to be Jaloma Shut, shortly before the operation «pillar of Cloud» created in Ofaqim the volunteer system of care for survivors of nervous shock as a result of rocket attacks. Later, during the operation «Indestructible rock», created by Aalami field hospital took 800 patients. And now, in time of peace, organized Shoot youth movement dedicated to helping the elderly. But the story of this woman the same as a regular biography of the natives of the cities in the 60-ies of the last century.

Parents Aalami came out of Egypt. Father is from Alexandria, and her mother from Cairo. It was in 1957, after the so-called «Lavon affair», when Egyptian Jews were subjected to mass expulsion from the country. When parents Yahalomi, was not yet familiar with each other, arrived in Israel, her father wanted to settle in Haifa, and her mother is in the center of the country, closer to family. However, both brought in Ofakim, where they met, and in 1960 they had Jaloma.

In the army, she first got into Nahal, and then, when women first got the opportunity to enroll in course aviation electricians, Aloma volunteered to serve in the air force, where he served for the next 27 years.

«Of course, at first it was difficult to serve, surrounded by nearly to men, but to me this task seemed very important. In addition, I quickly realized that I do care about not only the aircraft, but also people. And to some extent it shaped my future life. There’s always room for a textbook and a place for man, and allows the IDF to put a man on the first place. Even when this man is the enemy», says Aloma.

At first she worked in avenasterol, then in laboratories. After that, he was responsible for training combat aircraft to crash. In 21 years of Aloma married and soon gave birth to their first child.

«I don’t know what «unfeminine work.» And don’t believe that a woman professionally is something different from men. All my three pregnancies I served in the IDF. And if I have to go home to be with my kids, that doesn’t mean that it’s not doing men. Yes, my children were brought up mainly teachers and grandparents, and I most of the time spent at work, but I don’t regret it, because I was always there with them in the most important moments of their lives and because nothing is more important than the personal example and personal example I learned a lot,» says Schut.

Aalami three daughters. Senior engineer-programmer, average student, and the youngest serves in the IDF. In addition, the family Shot has two children of his late sister Aalami.

In 2002, life Aalami happened a moment she considers turning. On the anniversary of the death of her sister, together with colleagues and the eldest daughter who had graduated from officer training, Aloma dined at Beersheba, when the restaurant was approached by two gunman and opened fire at random.

«We don’t have time to recover, as the restaurant ran a terrorist, pointing a gun at us and tried to shoot. But a miracle happened, the gun jammed. In those few seconds, I managed to turn the table, still don’t know how strong enough, and hiding with her daughter after him and my colleagues opened fire,» – says Aloma.

As a result of the attack killed several soldiers, many more were injured and, according to Aalay that day it’s like she was born again.

In 2005, Shut demobilized and began to work in the civilian world. And in 2011, near the family home Shot fell «grad».

«We then talked about it – «postrelivat». The missile fell near the house, there was a loud explosion, toppled furniture. When I came out, saw many people who were in a state of shock, and the social workers that night did not come. I saw in the crowd of Rabbi Neuberger, who was trying to calm people down, and asked him what I can do. He said that you should try to collect survivors nervous and try to calm them down,» recalls Yahaloma.

After this incident, the woman decided to create the city’s so-called «rapid response team» that was supposed to go to the place of impact and help people before the arrival of social workers. And then 50-year-old Jalama decided to go to University.

«I gathered friends and we started to walk the areas and look the same volunteers. At the same time I left work, went to the preparatory courses, passed the exams for matriculation and entered the University. Recently I got a second degree in public administration,» says Schut.

Simultaneously with the search of volunteers to Jalama started looking for organizations that are engaged in psychological help for trauma.

«Hello, I Jaloma from Ofakim. We gathered a group of people who want to help others. Help us to learn,» she said.

On appeal, Aalami responded to the organization in NATAL, providing psychological counselling to people affected by the conflict on national soil. The staff of Natal took on the task of training volunteers from Ofakim.

When rapid response teams were already dozens of residents of Ofakim, in November 2012 began the operation «pillar of Cloud».

«Hello, I Jaloma of Ofakim» – called Shut College «Sapir» and «tel Hai», and in the city to help the volunteers arrived, the students and teachers.

«Unlike the city and state agencies, we do not expect, when we come to people with trauma, we have to go. And we in any case not trying to replace social workers and other agencies, we just believe that if you can help faster, if you can, as a community, to help themselves, we should do it», – says the woman.

When in July 2014 began the operation «Indestructible rock», Shut was much more experience and her already knew. Therefore, when Jaloma called to the Ministry of health and office of the rear, she went forward and helped open the city’s field hospital for people who find themselves in a state of shock as a result of attacks. Trained specialists volunteers during operations received in the hospital during the «Unbreakable rock» 800 residents of Ofakim and the surrounding villages. All this time the volunteers worked with municipal social services and helped to hospitalize people who needed the help of experts.

In Ofaqim there are several large communities, including the community «knitted Kip», an ultra-Orthodox community and the community of immigrants from the former USSR, which is 10% of the population of the city. According to Aalay, she did not even try to break the isolation of these communities.

Jaloma decided that she will «adapt to the people, rather than trying to adapt them to yourself.» Thus, in each of the communities were the volunteers who were representatives of their community, while successfully collaborating in case of need. For example, Jaloma was organized in the local society of veterans of world war II lectures of Russian-speaking professionals about how to cope with stress.

Even before the operation «Indestructible rock» Jaloma decided that is not enough to help people who have fallen into a state of shock. According to women, the city, whose inhabitants mostly belong to socially weaker sections of the population, needed something more fundamental. And then Shut decided to create a youth movement.

«Hello, I Jaloma of Ofakim,» a call from a woman representative of special forces of General staff of the Israeli army «Sayeret Matkal». And in Ofaqim was established organization of teenagers with whom I work come from the elite special forces of the IDF. It was six years ago, and since then the city has a youth movement, including working with elderly people, not only during attacks.

«During emergencies we are working on a response. And in time of peace – the creation of the community. And the goal of this community is to help people who want to help themselves,» says Aloma from Ofakim.

The material is prepared by Alla Gavrilova

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Jaloma from Ofakim. The history of the Israelite that helps you survive the terror 06.11.2017

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