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January 1, comes into force the reform of tariffs for journey in public transport

1 January 2016, introduces special tariffs for journey in public transport. We are talking about reform, which radically changed the system of fares, offering the best kinds of tickets, through which passengers can significantly reduce their costs.

If still on the train, bus and tram needed to pay the fare on each of these vehicles separately, from January 1 this restriction is removed.

The new tariff system allows passengers to choose the appropriate type of ticket: daily pass («hofshi-Yomi»), weekly ticket («hofshi-svwi») and a monthly pass («hofshi-hodshi»). Acquiring one of these types of tickets allows unlimited transfers between such modes of transport like train, bus, «Matronit» and the tram is within the same tariff zone.

According to the Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz, «reform offers a significant reduction in prices for travel – by tens of percent. Purchase some type of travel card will provide the opportunity to perform a transplant between different modes of public transport. Special network tariffs designed to attract new users to public transport reducing travel costs to several thousand shekels per family, reducing the high cost of living».

According to Minister Yisrael Katz, the new tariff system simplifies the question of payment for travel, and is more advantageous for passengers. The system is based on the division into «tariff zones», as is customary in the transport service between major cities and their suburbs in the world.
A new approach in the tariff schedule is based on the optimal combination of routes that connect urban areas, suburbs and large cities, and expanding the boundaries of one price zone, allowing passengers to transfer between different modes of transport where previously such opportunities did not exist. Transplant is possible if you have electronic card «Rav-KAV».

At this stage of reform we are talking about four main tariff zones: «greater tel Aviv», «big Haifa», «big Beersheba», «great Jerusalem». Each of them is divided into three subzones, each subzone is allocated for three more rate.

For example, the tariff zone of the «big Haifa» stretches from Rosh Hanikra in the North to Carmiel and Nazareth on the East and Zichron ya’akov to the South. Tariff zone greater tel Aviv area captures Netanya in the North, Ashdod to the South and Modiin in the East.

Such expansion of the boundaries of the tariff zone allows passengers to travel longer distances within the same type of pass. For example, in the scope of tariff zones «big tel Aviv» (tariff area No. 1) is composed of Holon, bat Yam, Rishon LeZion, Givatayim, Ramat-Gan, of Bnei-Brak, Petah Tikva, Yehui, or Yehuda, Ramle and Lod.

Note that on those routes where the price is not reduced due to the new pay scale, expanding opportunities for transfers between different vehicles. Most beneficial new rate schedule for those passengers who use public transport on a regular basis. Even when one transfers between different vehicles, significantly reducing the cost of travel.

So, first of all, since 1 January, there will be a significant reduction in the cost of the monthly combo pass for the train and bus. For example, travel of this type on the line tel-Aviv – Ashdod, the price of which currently amounts to 574 shekel, will be worth 350 (below 40%), tel Aviv – Rehovot — 285 shekels instead of 491. Monthly combined ticket for train and bus lines in Beit Shemesh — Jerusalem will cost NIS 350 instead of 420, and will include payment for travel by train (cheaper by 17%). The cost of a combined monthly ticket extended steps on a train and a bus in be’er Sheva would be 235 instead of 335 NIS (only on the bus) is 30% cheaper.

Monthly combined ticket for train and bus on the territory of the «big Haifa» will cost instead of 285 NIS 380 (only on the bus), cheaper by 25%, on-site tel-Aviv — Lod and Ramle — 250 shekels instead of 346 (cheaper by 28%).

The reform will replace the historically prevailing rates in different cities and eliminate unequal rates. The next step after reducing the cost of season tickets of three types – day, weekly and monthly travel tickets, will be tariff reforms in a single trip and ticket type «kartisiya» (on several trips) and «Erech Cavour» (electronic purse»). This phase will begin in a few months.

The press service of the Ministry of transport emphasizes that in the work of the public transport routes in connection with the tariff reform will not happen any changes.

This week a special information brochure with detailed explanations about the application of the new tariff system will be distributed in trains , buses, in the centers of service of passengers of the «al ha-CAW». Detailed information on how to choose the best and cheapest route will be available in phone call centers and also using the calculator, which will appear on a special website established for that purpose.

January 1, comes into force the reform of tariffs for journey in public transport 21.12.2015

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