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Japan apologized to Korea for the use of «comfort women»

On Monday, December 28, the government of Japan apologized to South Korea for the use of Koreans in Japanese army brothels during the Second world war and agreed to contribute to the Fund of financial assistance of 100 million yen (about 800 thousand U.S. dollars), according to Seoul, the Agency «Renhap».

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan Fumio Kishida said that Tokyo is aware of the responsibility of the Japanese people for use during the war, the so-called «women for comfort.»

During the Second world war, about 200,000 Korean, Chinese and Malay were forcibly recruited to provide sexual services to the Japanese military. South Korea and China accused Japan earlier in the unwillingness to give a fair assessment of crimes of the Imperial army, to apologize and to pay the victim compensation from the state budget.

«Comfort women» called the inhabitants of the countries East and South-East Asia who were forced to work in military brothels and satisfy the sexual needs of Japanese soldiers. Official Tokyo claimed that women voluntarily choose this ‘work’, historians are convinced that the girls were kidnapped and turned into prostitutes. According to them, the number of such «comfort women» has reached 410.000. In the 1990s, the Japanese government apologized for these actions, however, to compensate for the damages refused.

1 November 2015 China, Japan and South Korea held a «reconciliation summit» in Seoul: the leaders of the three countries agreed to establish the largest free trade zone and developing a «common approach to the problems of history», which should help to resolve mutual territorial claims.

Japan apologized to Korea for the use of «comfort women» 28.12.2015

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