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Japanese hotel chain «pleased» guests with anti-Semitic article

The magazine for guests of a Japanese hotel APA Group published in the February issue of the anti-Semitic article of the known writer Toshio of Motoji, which States: «Jews control American media, Finance and the legal system and get huge benefits from globalization, because hiding your money in the tax havens without paying taxes.»

About it writes on Thursday, February 16, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

Note that this reporter regularly publishes this kind of article. So in September 2015, he wrote about the Japanese Ministry of information and recommended that the nation «use the experience of American marketing campaigns funded by Jews.»

«Japan should take advantage of the Jewish information network, performing a specific mission, and to pay for the work of journalists from the secret funds,» said a Japanese journalist.

In his essays published in two books, Motoya denies the crimes committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during the Second world war.

Japanese hotel chain «pleased» guests with anti-Semitic article 17.02.2017

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