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Jared Kushner called king Abdullah and asked him to resolve the crisis in the Israeli Embassy

Barak Ravid reports in ha’aretz, citing two senior Israeli officials who wished to remain anonymous, on Sunday night, when the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu tried unsuccessfully to contact Jordan’s king Abdullah II to resolve the crisis in the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Advisor and son-in-law of U.S. President Jared Kushner called the king and asked him to help the situation.

Telephone conversation between Kushner and king Abdullah took place after the Advisor of the American President with this request was made, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States.

Simultaneously with the request to interfere with the course of events one of the advisors of Netanyahu appealed to U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

A telephone conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s king Abdullah II took place on the evening of 24 July.

As reported by Barak Ravid, departure of Embassy staff beyond the Jordan was made possible thanks to the agreements that were reached during the visit to Jordan of the head of the General security service (Shin bet) Nadav Argaman. The Jordanian authorities refused demands to start a criminal investigation against the guard, who was involved in the incident, proisshedshih the day before. At the same time, according to Ravid, citing the words of a senior source, the Jordanian police won the right to come to the Embassy and to obtain testimony from the guard. After that, the Embassy staff was allowed to leave Jordan and return to Israel.

Recall that the Embassy staff were locked in the building since the incident that occurred the evening of 23 July, when a Jordanian worker was stabbed with a screwdriver Israeli security guard, and was shot.

Jared Kushner called king Abdullah and asked him to resolve the crisis in the Israeli Embassy

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