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Jewish construction in the settlement, sponsored by family trump. Review of Arab media

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reports that the Syrian opposition is extremely dissatisfied developed by the sponsors of the conference in Astana mechanism to control the observance of the truce. They are outraged that Iran, whose soldiers are involved in ethnic cleansing, is recognized as one of the guarantors of the cease-fire. They also claim that Turkey couldn’t care less about the interests of the opponents of Bashar al-Assad.

The London newspaper «al-Hayat» writes that the Israeli government approved the program on construction in the occupied lands of 2,500 housing units for Jews. According to the statement, the construction will be conducted in major settlements, however, the publication notes that it is not. The construction will be conducted in the Beit El settlement, receiving financial support of the family of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of the President of the United States.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the Ministry of internal Affairs liquidated in Jeddah a major terror cell, which consisted of 13 citizens of Pakistan and three subjects of the king of Saudi Arabia. It also reported the identification of the terrorists blew himself up when police laid siege to the apartment where they were hiding. One of them, Khalid Hussein al-Sarwani, were among the most dangerous terrorists in the Kingdom.

The Agency Wafa reports that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with U.S. Consul General in Ramallah Donald Blom. During the meeting, they discussed the incident in Washington changes. The Palestinian leader expressed his commitment to the principle of «Two States for two peoples.»

Egyptian newspaper «al Ahram» says that the German airline Lufthansa agreed to resume direct flights to Sharm al-Sheikh, was stopped after the bombing of Russian aircraft in October 2015. This was made possible after the German insurer has waived compliance with the additional insurance of the aircraft.

Jewish construction in the settlement, sponsored by family trump. Review of Arab media 25.01.2017

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