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John McCain in The New York Times: «I choose the Kurds»

«The clashes this month in the Kirkuk area between elements of the Iraqi security forces and Kurdish fighters is deeply disturbing, especially because of the long-standing U.S. friendship with the Kurdish people,» says the Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain in a column for the New York Times. «These clashes will continue the policies – also are a symbol of a broader troubling reality: in addition to our tactical success in the fight against «Islamic state», the United States remains dangerously absent a comprehensive strategy for the rest of the Middle East with all its complexities».

«Let me be Frank: if Baghdad cannot guarantee the Kurdish people in Iraq security, freedom and the opportunities that he wants, and if the US is forced to choose between the Iranian-backed militants and our longstanding Kurdish partners, I choose the Kurds,» writes McCain.

«Clashes in Kirkuk are a symptom of a deeper problem, which the United States is unable to solve for many years: within countries and in their relations with each other, the regional order in the middle East is rapidly crumbling, – said the Senator. – Power and influence of the United States there are shrinking, largely because over the past eight years, the U.S. has left the region. The resulting vacuum is being filled by anti-American forces.»

«And behind all this a shadow of Putin’s Russia, which once again asserts itself as an influential regional power that is actively hostile to American interests — and absolutely not concerned with human rights or the lives of civilians,» – says the politician.

«If we continue to go like a dream on our current trajectory, we can Wake up in the near future and discover that the American influence is forced out of one of the most important parts of the world – continues McCain. – That’s why Americans should be concerned about what is happening in the middle East right now. That’s why we should stay with our true friends, the Kurds. And that is why now more than ever we need a strategy that will lift our eyes above the tactical level and separate the immediate from the truly important», – concluded the Senator.

John McCain in The New York Times: «I choose the Kurds» 26.10.2017

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