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John Paul II 30 years was in correspondence with a married woman

The BBC received hundreds of letters and photographs that tell the story of the relations of Pope John Paul II with a married woman, an American philosopher of Polish descent, Anna Theresa of Tymieniecka.

Correspondence between John Paul II and Tymieniecka lasted for 30 years until the death of the Pontiff. According to BBC, in letters which are still kept in the archives of the Polish national library, there is nothing to indicate that the Pope has violated the vow of celibacy and that relations between the correspondents went beyond Platonic.

The friendship between the Pontiff and the American philosopher began in 1973, when Anne Teresa of Tymieniecka wrote the future Pope, but at that time the Archbishop of Krakow cardinal Karol Wojtyla to the email with questions about cardinal written philosophical work The Acting Person.

Shortly after this Tymieniecka, which at the time was 50 years old, came from the USA to Poland to meet with the future Pope. Tymieniecka and Wojtyla agreed to work on a new version of philosophical books cardinal. They met often and constantly wrote each other letters, formal at first, began to become more and more intimate.

Judging by the photos, Tymieniecka and Wojtyla spent holidays together, and later, when the cardinal became Pope, Tymieniecka visited him in the Vatican.

John Paul II 30 years was in correspondence with a married woman 15.02.2016

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