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Jordan demands to convey to the Muslims of the southern part of the Western Wall

Jordan accuses the Israeli government of misappropriation of the Palace of the Umayyads in Jerusalem’s Old city. We are talking about the area South-West of the al-Aqsa mosque. There should be a new approach to the Western Wall.

«We call on the Israeli government not to intervene in the fate of the Umayyad Palace and to return the area under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Waqf. The Foundation is responsible for located in Jerusalem shrines», — reads the statement of the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

On 5 February the head of the Waqf Sheikh Hattiba Azzam al-Tamimi sent a letter to the Jerusalem police. Sheikh accused Israel of attempting to assign a historical object, valuable for the entire world of Islam. He also said,
what the Israelis are systematically destroying Muslim artifacts.

Recall that the king of Jordan Abdalla of the Second has the title of custodian of Muslim Holy sites of Jerusalem and the Waqf nominally subordinate to the Jordanian authorities.

January 31, 2016 the government of Israel approved a compromise proposal put forward by the head of the Jewish Agency Nathan Sharansky. It involves the placement of a new section of the Western Wall, South of the Maghrebi gate.

This decision caused indignation of Orthodox Jews and archaeologists. Scientists fear that will be lost a priceless historical evidence, and threatened to appeal to the High court of justice.

Jordan demands to convey to the Muslims of the southern part of the Western Wall 07.02.2016

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