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Jordanian parliamentarians are outraged: Israeli diplomats were allowed to leave

Riots broke out on the morning of 25 July in the Jordanian Parliament during the speech of the Minister of internal Affairs Ralib al-zuabi. The Minister reported to deputies about the investigation of the events at the Israeli Embassy.

Al-zuabi said that Jordan’s young man first attacked with a screwdriver on Israeli security guard was killed by return fire. The actions of the Jordanian he called a criminal, and the actions of the Israelis described as self-defence. The Minister promised to tell the deputies about the course of the investigation.

These words aroused the indignation of many members. They accused the Minister that he is deaf to the aspirations of the common people that requires a judge killer. Several deputies left the hall in protest.

According to the London newspaper «al-Rai al-yum,» the Jordanian police were admitted to the apartment, where the guard and which possesses diplomatic immunity. They also interviewed witnesses of the incident, which killed two Jordanian.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on June 25, the Israeli Ambassador in Amman Einat Shlain and a security guard who opened fire on to his attacker a terrorist. He gave a high assessment of the restraint and composure shown by the Israelis in recent days.

Jordanian parliamentarians are outraged: Israeli diplomats were allowed to leave 25.07.2017

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