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Journalist Yigal Sarna received 115,000 NIS donations to compensate the couple Netanyahu

Journalist Yigal Sarna, sentenced by a court to pay Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu compensation for defamation in the amount of 115 thousand shekels received the required amount from donors through the platform of crowd funding Give Back.

20 days before the end of the fundraiser Sarno scored 115.650 shekels from 922 donors. 63 people donated 50 shekels in exchange for gratitude from Sarny email, even 376 people donated the same amount free.

242 people had donated 100 shekels in exchange for Sarney signed thank you card, 51 people had donated 250 shekels in exchange for personal thanks Sarny on the phone.

44 people had donated 500 shekels in exchange for participation in a group meeting with Sarney.

The journalist promises to his supporters that he intends to fight against court orders. All funds in excess of the amount of compensation that he eventually will have to pay if he can’t overturn the verdict, Sarno promised to hand over to the Organization for the protection of civil rights.

We will remind that on Sunday, June 11, the magistrate’s court in tel Aviv ruled that the journalist of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» Yigal Sarna will pay the family of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compensation in the amount of 100 thousand shekels.

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu filed a lawsuit against Yigal Sarna for defamation and demanded compensation in the amount of 279 thousand shekels. We are talking about a lawsuit filed in connection with the publication by Yigal Sarnau post on the social network Facebook. The post was published on 20 March 2016.

The journalist wrote that in the middle of the night on highway No. 1 stopped a government convoy, including four armored vehicles and accompanied by a large security. According to him, from one of the cars of a woman screaming, and then the car left the elderly man with whom the woman did not want to go to one machine. Yigal Sarna didn’t name names, but he noted that the incident makes «a man a laughing stock in the eyes of his guards, and the whole country.»

In the lawsuit, prepared by attorney Yossi Cohen, on behalf of the couple Netanyahu, said that the story Sarny is not a word of truth, and the post was named blatant, vile lies.

Initially, the lawyer Avigdor Feldman, representing Sarno, claimed that the story set out by his client is true. At the last meeting he changed his line of defence, claiming that the text published Sarney, was a travesty.

From the environment, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave: «Finally justice has been done». Yigal Sarna said he intends to appeal the decision of the magistrates court.

Journalist Yigal Sarna received 115,000 NIS donations to compensate the couple Netanyahu 20.06.2017

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