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June 1 will be a traditional funeral ceremony in memory of victims of act of terrorism in «Dolfi»

The evening of 1 June, 18:00, near the monument to the victims of the terrorist attack at the discotheque «Dolfi» will begin the annual mourning ceremony, which will be attended by relatives and friends of the victims, the Minister of aliyah and integration of the Landwehr and other state officials, graduates of the school, «Shevach Mofet» and volunteers from the organization SAL.

Late in the evening of June 1, people will gather again near the spot where there was a terrorist attack, to honor the memory of the victims.

Site of remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attack in «Dolfi»

June 1, 2001, fifteen minutes before the end of the children’s Day, resident of Qalqiliya said Hutori detonated explosives in a crowd of teenagers who were standing at the entrance to a popular tel Aviv discotheque «Dolfi». 21 people died, 120 were injured.

Responsibility for the attack claimed by the group «Islamic Jihad». Hutori was declared a Shahid – a Martyr for the faith. On the streets of the Palestinian cities have been spontaneous demonstrations in which participants were shooting in the air and handing out sweets, rejoicing in the death of the «Zionist occupiers». The head of the PNA, Yasser Arafat refused to condemn directed against children in the attack.

Most victims were new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Seven dead and many wounded were students of tel-Aviv school, «Shevach Mofet», popular among Russian-speaking Israelis.

The names of those killed in the attack near the discotheque «Dolfi»

Tagiltseva Maria, 14 years old
Yevgenia Dorfman, 15 years
Raisa Nemirovsky, 15 years
Julia Sklianik, 15 years
Anya Kazachkova, 15 years
Catherine of Castenada, 15 years
Irina nepomnyashchaya, 16 years old
Mariana Medvedenko, 16 years old
Liana Sahakyan, 16 years old
Marina Berkovskaya, 17 years old
Simon Rudin, 17 years old
Alex Lupala, 17 years old
Yulia Nalimova, 16 years old
Elena Nalimova, 18 years
Irina Osadchaya, 18 years
Ilya Gutman, 19 years old
Sergei Panchenko, 20 years
Roman dzhanashvili, 21
Diaz Nurmanov, 21
Yan Blum, 25 years
URI Shahar, 32

June 1 will be a traditional funeral ceremony in memory of victims of act of terrorism in «Dolfi» 24.05.2017

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