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«Juniper Cobra 2018»: Israel will hold joint exercises with the US army

This week, Israel will hold another military exercise «Juniper Cobra» (Juniper Cobra), which will be attended by the IDF and the us military.

Exercises approved by the IDF command and the European command of the U.S. army (EUCOM).

In previous such exercises in 2016, attended by more than 1.700 U.S. troops. Then, during the exercise simulated the joint actions in response to the rocket attacks on Israeli territory.

Based on the available information, a similar scenario will be practiced and the exercises this year.

Joint exercises of units ABOUT Israel and the United States are held every two years. After the first exercise, which took place in 2001, they were cancelled only once – in 2012, amid growing tensions with Iran.

In November 2017 in the Negev was held international exercises of the air force «Degel Kachol» (Blue flag, Blue Flag). It was the largest in the country’s history of international air force exercises. In addition to Israel, they participated combat aircraft and ground personnel from seven countries – USA, Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany, France and India. The last three countries sent their pilots on the Israeli doctrine for the first time.

«Juniper Cobra 2018»: Israel will hold joint exercises with the US army 04.02.2018

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