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Just retribution. Politicians and relatives of victims commented on the elimination of Samir Kuntar

The message about the elimination of terrorist Samir Kuntar has caused a lot of comments from Israeli politicians and relatives of victims of terrorist attacks.

The head of the parliamentary opposition Isaac Herzog («the Zionist camp») stated that «elimination of Samir Kuntar – a just retribution and historical justice». «It was a terrorist and murderer, who never ceased to have terror and our region will be a better and safer place without him,» added the Duke.

Member of the Knesset from the «Zionist camp» Eyal Ben Reuven stressed that «Israel must be prepared to attempts of Hizbullah to commit retaliation».

Member of the Knesset from the same batch Ksenia Svetlova wrote in his account on the social network Facebook: «Samir Kuntar is no more, and in my opinion is great news». Svetlova MP added that «when he visited Lebanon in 2005, and then exactly a year and a half in 2006, his portrait was splashed everywhere, along with portraits of Nasrallah and Ayatollah Khamenei».

Representatives of the government and the press service of the IDF does not comment on reports of the elimination of Kuntar.

Smadar Haran, the widow of Dani Haran, who was killed by Kuntar in 1979 during a terrorist attack in Nahariya, said that «this is about fair retribution, but for victims of Kuntar justice will not prevail ever».

Keren, the daughter of Eliyahu Shahar, a policeman who was killed in the same attack, said that «we are proud of our country and the fact that the killer kept the scores». According to the daughter of the deceased, «it is impossible to forget my father, he was the intended victim and a law enforcement officer and was first on the scene».

Zvi Regev, the father of a soldier Eldad Regev, whose body was returned by Hizbullah in exchange for the release from Israeli prison, Samir Kuntar, declared that «there is only expected, when a similar fate will befall Hassan Nasrallah».

Recall that the communication on the elimination of Kuntar as a result of blow of the Israeli air force was originally published on the Arab media. Later, the leadership of Hizbullah has officially confirmed the death of Samir Kuntar. This information is confirmed by his family (particularly his brother). As reports TV channel «al-Manar», Hezbollah holds Israel responsible for the murder of Kuntar and other activists of the organization.

Just retribution. Politicians and relatives of victims commented on the elimination of Samir Kuntar 20.12.2015

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