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Kadyrov — the case amrieva: «In Chechnya there is a law and it will be forever»

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov posted on his page in social network Instagram an angry rebuke from the US state Department, commenting thus the requests of American diplomats about the safety of mixed martial arts fighter Murad Amriev.

In his blog, Kadyrov claims that in Chechnya, supposedly ruled by law and will be forevermore, and the state Department is a hypocrite – he doesn’t care amrieva, which in Chechnya, declared vendetta.

«As for amrieva, the last day for the state Department and human rights activists have been full of disappointments – interviewed, recorded and said «goodbye». How rubbed his hands in the state Department, expecting amrieva almost send to the Kolyma. That you have there in Guantanamo Bay without trial for ten years to keep people. In Chechnya, ruled by law and order! So be it forever and ever!» – wrote Kadyrov.

Amriev was wanted on request of the Chechen authorities – he is accused of using a fake ID. However, according to human rights activists, the reason for prosecution was the statement amrieva in «Novaya Gazeta» about the «blood feud,» he declared Chechen police.

4 Jun Amriev was removed from the train, which was traveling from Ukraine to Russia for processing of documents required for visa extension. Later, when he arrived Chechen security forces, he fled from the building of the Investigative Committee of the Bryansk region.

Two days later Amriev was detained by Belarusian border guards and handed over to the staff Dobrush Department of internal Affairs for further investigation, and then sent to the machine in Chechnya.

In his post, Kadyrov calls the call of the US authorities to ensure the safety amrieva attempt to interfere in the Affairs of Russia. He recommended the us administration to engage in internal Affairs and release their own prisoners.

«Another statement of the US state Department security Murad Amriev is not a sincere concern for his fate, it is an opportune moment once again to hurt Russia, to swing the situation in our country. If the US government so «do not care», then pay a better look inside their country, show your «generosity,» and let all the worst offenders in American prisons,» writes the head of Chechnya.

According to Kadyrov, Chechen law enforcement agencies operate in accordance with the law, and life amrieva nothing threatening about what he said during yesterday’s press conference, calling the threat of vendetta «blatant lies.»

According to the head of Chechnya, that the attention of the American administration towards the situation in his country due to the fact that on the territory of the Republic the war ended and there was peace: «Terrorism is vanquished, people returned to normal life – all this, of course, alarmed the American government. Of course, the state Department is hard to be silent, especially when no one asked. From your democracy half the world drowns in blood.»

Kadyrov — the case amrieva: «In Chechnya there is a law and it will be forever» 11.06.2017

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