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Kahlon about the big lottery «newcomer», «This train don’t stop»

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon («Kulan») presented on Wednesday, June 14, the so-called «Big lottery»: the draw of 15 thousand housing units in 24 localities throughout the country for beneficiaries of the program «the new settler» ( «Policy Le-Mistaken»). We are talking about the first but not the last mass lottery designed apartments among beneficiaries: following mass the drawing is scheduled for October 2017.

As the press service of the Ministry of Finance, speaking at a press conference, Kahlon stressed that before him stood the task is to solve accumulated and exacerbated by many years the housing crisis in Israel, and developed by experts under his leadership, the decision does not depend on possible change of the vector of Israeli policy, and change of Ministers and any other normally critical of Israel aspects. «We laid the rails, we broke up the train, and he will not stop. And even if he travels not with the speed with which we would like it to go fast. This train no one can stop».

Moshe Kahlon stressed that his main goal is to all young families in Israel, who are homeless had the opportunity to buy their own apartment at an affordable price, in comfortable conditions, without the need for a very heavy down payment and where they want to build their lives. «All these years the needs of young people in their own homes exploited all those who could, – said Kahlon. Contractors sold their flats at the highest possible price – because I could. We put an end to speculations with land plots, making it possible to reduce prices by 20% -30%». He also noted that the massive draws of apartments in the framework of the project «Policy Le-Mistaken» affect the entire real estate market: young families choose to participate in the preferential programs reduced demand followed by lower prices.

At this stage in the «Big raffle» will be able to participate in only the first enrolled, «Cider «Aleph» – we are talking about beneficiaries who filed a request to obtain the identity of the beneficiaries («the details of zakaut») from the Ministry of construction to 13.09.2016 year and signed up for the program among the first of 60,000 people. Many of these people have participated in the sweepstakes and didn’t win. Big lottery increases their chances.

Currently, there are about 45 thousand beneficiaries of the first order, still have not realized their right to subsidized housing. After this season those will be only 30 thousand. The purpose of the Minister of Finance – to the apartment at a reduced price managed to purchase all the members of «the new settler».

The draw starts at midnight on Sunday, June 18, and will last for four weeks. Young families and other beneficiaries eligible to participate in the project «the new settler», you can sign up for the biggest draw of flats in 24 settlements across the country, in 85 different construction projects with total capacity of 15.000 housing units. The program will reduce the level of housing demand and will help a huge number of young families to buy apartments at a price significantly below market.

The big raffle 15,000 apartments in the following localities: Haifa, Rishon LeZion, Netanya, Beersheba, Beit Shemesh, Herzliya, modi’in, Netanya, RA’anana, Rosh ha-Ayin, Yavne, nazrat Illit, Kiryat Bialik, Gader, Ofakim, Migdal Emek, Kfar Yona, Tirat Carmel, Atlit, Shlomi, Pardesiyya, Mitzpe Ramon, Merkaz Shapira and Harish.

Rules of participation in the drawing is identical to other hoaxes of the program «Policy Le-Mistaken» passing of the recording on the dira However, unlike usual Raffles, a big raffle allows each participant to enroll in different projects in three different communities that will increase their chances of winning are exactly where they want to buy an apartment. In each of the three settlements can be arranged on one project.

The entry on the draw of the big lottery will be open for four weeks, starting from midnight of June 18 and ending on 09 July, 2017. Personal messages about the prize will be sent out to thousands of lucky 15 on August 14. Due to the introduction of new mechanisms to improve the process, the winner of apartment can come and choose it in the course of a year from the moment of winning, but no more.

Those of the beneficiaries of the first order who are lucky this time, never a smile, you will soon be able to enroll in the next big lottery for thousands of housing units, which will be held in October 2017. In the October lottery will involve the cities of Eilat, Beit Dagan, Mevaseret-Zion, Rishon Le-Zion, Rosh ha-Ayin, modi’in and many other towns throughout the country.

As in other drawings of the project «the new settler», the winners of big lottery will have the opportunity to buy an apartment in the tens of percent cheaper than conventional housing prices in the area, that is, hundreds of thousands of shekels cheaper. For example, in RA’ananna apartments of the project «Policy Le-Mistaken» will cost 400 thousand shekels cheaper than the market price, in modi’in – half a million shekels cheaper than similar apartments in this city, in Herzliya participants of the project «the newcomer» will buy apartments at a discount to 700 thousand shekels from the market price, Gader the cost of an apartment for the winning in the drawing will be 340 thousand thousand shekels cheaper than the market, in Netanya, the discount will amount to 300 thousand shekels.

Kahlon about the big lottery «newcomer», «This train don’t stop» 14.06.2017

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