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Kahlon and Edelstein have reached an agreement on the exclusion of 14 reform of the law on state regulation of

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and the speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein had reached an agreement on the further promotion of the law on the regulation of the national economy, allowing the government to carry out reforms through the Knesset for an accelerated procedure.

Of the 44 reforms proposed by the Ministry of Finance, the parties agreed to exclude 14 of the reforms that the government will have to carry out according to standard procedure.

Among other things, of the law on state regulation is excluded a project to improve disability benefits, the project of depriving the Minister of Finance the right to extend benefits to new immigrants, a project of compulsory arbitration in disputes between insurance companies and their clients, project differential licensing of businesses, the reform of appointments to state companies, changes in the cost of Parking in areas where there is public transport, the project of obligatory publication of prices in private transactions and the imposition of the price ceiling for private transactions.

Among others, the following law reforms:

— removing barriers for private import
— the allocation of frequencies and the simplification of the import of means of communication
— the creation of regional Directorates of public transport
— banking reform (change the Bank «by pressing one button»)
— transfer incomes of the Management of airports to the state Treasury and other changes in the activities of the office
— change mechanism offsets between the national insurance Institute and insurance companies
— benefits to care for the infirm
— the reduction of the term premium for the experience to the old-age benefit
— increase in the employment premium (a negative income tax, or «Manak Avoda») for working parents
— help Fund plants and factories, are in a difficult economic situation
tax benefits for families
— amending the Law on planning and construction
— cancellation required in permits for the laying of fiber-optic networks
— cancellation need to have a license with the installation of cellular antennas
— transfer of authority for infrastructure development from local authorities to the Ministry of construction
— registration of enterprises of national importance
— transfer of powers and budgets from the Management of sports betting to the Ministry of culture and sports
tax benefits for reservists

In accordance with the agreement, the draft law on the state budget for the year 2019 and the law on the state regulation will be submitted for consideration of deputies on Sunday, February 11, and will be submitted for approval by the Knesset in the first reading on Tuesday, February 13.

Kahlon and Edelstein have reached an agreement on the exclusion of 14 reform of the law on state regulation of 07.02.2018

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