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Kahlon: «to Be a leader means to go to the end»

Sunday, March 19, the Minister of Finance and the head of the party «Kulanu» Moshe Kahlon commented on the crisis surrounding the creation of the Corporation of public broadcasting.

Speaking at a joint press conference with the Minister of education and head of the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett, the Minister of Finance said: «the decision on the closure of the office of radio and television and the creation of the Corporation was adopted at a time when I was out of politics. I do not need lessons of morality and humanity. The last government decided that decided with all the consequences in respect of the employees to manage the consequences. Now this throw me.» Kahlon was subjected to a hidden criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. «You always do that: when you have achieve all there when difficulties arise – they are nothing to do with. Being a leader means going to the end.»

Kahlon said nothing about how he sees the resolution of the crisis and whether to agree to the ultimatum put forward by the Prime Minister. He did not say anything about the prospects of early elections.

In turn, education Minister Naftali Bennett said: «the Government needs stability, and not in unnecessary and expensive election campaign. You need to take responsibility and not involve society in the turmoil of the election over the issue of Corporation of radio and television».

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on an official visit to China, addressed the departure with additional comments on the crisis surrounding the creation of the Corporation broadcaster: «the Government exists on the basis of coalition agreements. In the coalition agreement makes clear that all parties are obliged to implement the decisions of the Likud, our solutions associated with the media, including with the Corporation. The only exception related to the budget. At the meeting with the staff of the office of radio and television – it was a very emotional meeting, touching – I learned that there is no financial problem. First of all, the budget of the office of radio and television, their actual budget last year was below the planned budget of the Corporation, and they are ready to continue the reforms. Therefore, if the collection is cancelled, no problem with the budget – why do we need this Corporation? Why to lay off hundreds of employees on the eve of Passover? So unacceptable the situation in which we in the Likud with 30 mandates, fulfill all obligations of a coalition of small parties, including those concerning points on which we disagree, for example, the tax on a third apartment, which resisted all the members of the Likud, but we spent it because of the coalition agreement, but when talking about important points for the Likud and for me, they do not respect the agreement. This is unacceptable».

Portal Ynet reports that at least 13 deputies from the faction «Likud» oppose early elections against the backdrop of crisis around of the Corporation. One of the most critical opponents of the dissolution of the Knesset is transport Minister Yisrael Katz.

Kahlon: «to Be a leader means to go to the end» 19.03.2017

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