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«Kang»: Benjamin Netanyahu accused Israel Katz of disloyalty

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused in a closed conversation of the Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz in the desire to remove him from power, reported the correspondent of news service Corporation «Kan» ze’ev Kam.

According to published information, in the course of meetings with MPs and Ministers held after the Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister said, «We hear about one so-called senior Minister in the Likud, who wants to take my place. You all know about whom we are talking. He can continue to dream». One of those present recalled that the Minister was one of the first who posted a message in support of the Prime Minister. In response, Netanyahu said, «Maybe we can already call him by his name?»

From the office of the Minister of transport edition told: «Minister Yisrael Katz continues to work on the promotion of projects of national importance in the field of transport and exploration, in close cooperation with the head of the government. As it turned out, the publication about the meeting with the leaders of the coalition factions is not true. The meeting heard statements of this kind and did not mention the name of Minister Katz».

Currently it is unknown whether to take part Yisrael Katz in the event, which is organized by the head of a coalition government David Bitan in support of Benjamin Netanyahu. August 9 will be the opening of highway 38, which will be attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and transport Minister Yisrael Katz.

Previously Second channel ITV reported that Yisrael Katz is meeting with activists of the Likud and representatives of the coalition factions, checking the possibility of forming an alternative coalition in the event of the resignation of the Prime Minister.

In the Likud continues preparation for the event in support of Netanyahu, which will be held on August 9 in the hall of the Ocean in tel Aviv. At the moment the event is open to all, however, the organizers fear that the place will be the opponents of Netanyahu’s Likud and other parties that may lead to incidents.

According to information obtained Benjamin Netanyahu intends to speak at the event. It is possible that he will be at the event accompanied by his wife Sarah.

«Kang»: Benjamin Netanyahu accused Israel Katz of disloyalty 08.08.2017

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