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Karina Bril sentenced to two life terms for the murder of their children

The Jerusalem district court issued a verdict on the case of immigrants from Russia Karina Brill, accused of murdering her two children, 7 year old Igor and 5 year old Worlds.

The court sentenced Karina Brill to two life imprisonment. According to the radio station «Sieves Beth», the representatives of the defense, requested the court to take into account the difficult state of mind of the accused and to summarize the terms, and to pronounce sentence with the absorption of one term by another. If the court listened to the request, Brill was to serve in prison, one life sentence and she would hope, to be released in old age.

In the decision of the judges Zvi Segel, Ben-Zion Greenberg, Aaron of Darla indicated that «in spite of the mental illness the defendant acted coolly and resolutely».

At today’s court session was attended by the mother and sister of the accused. They asked the court for mercy, and «not take away hope.» According to them, Karina Bril needs medical help, not punishment.

Karina Brill herself appeared in court with a poster, which was hand-written in English: «save me!». After hearing the verdict, the defendant said: «Fuck you all», after which the judge ordered to withdraw her from the courtroom.

Israeli media noted that at sentencing the court also took into account the fact that Karina Bril did not repent of their deeds. She continues to say that her actions were motivated by «irrational fear». But at trial, she accused the Prosecutor and the court that they are trying to «demonstrate their strength and power». «I feel that no one understands me. What happened in my life, it’s a terrible tragedy. And right after that I ended up in prison. What can I say after two years behind bars? What happens in jail against all rules and against the law on psychiatric care. It’s just hell,» she told the court.

The murder was committed on 16 September 2013. The apartment house 27 on the street of Ein Gedi (near Talpiyot in Jerusalem), on the eve of meetings with employees of social services, Carina Brill took a kitchen knife, cut his wrists, then struck lying in bed the children a few times with a knife and cut his throat. Attempts slept in the apartment of the sister of the accused to prevent the murder without success.
On 13 October, prosecutors have charged Karina Bril indictment. On 21 November, the Jerusalem district court received a psychiatric report, which stated that Karina Bril, at the time of the crime was mentally sane and can stand trial.
May 14, 2014 Karina Brill gave birth to a son in hospital «Asaf a-Rofe» in Crivina. After discharge, Brill returned to prison «Neve tirza» and the newborn was transferred to the father, living in Switzerland.

Karina Bril sentenced to two life terms for the murder of their children 02.12.2015

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