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Kaspersky admitted that by mistake downloaded media tracking NSA

Antivirus program, developed by «Kaspersky Lab», by mistake, copied from the American computer tools for the digital tracking that is secretly used by the U.S. intelligence services.

Results of internal investigation employees reported Yevgeny Kaspersky, who immediately ordered to erase these files.

About the incident, which occurred in 2014, according to October 25, news Agency AP, citing a blog post «the Lab» and interview with Kaspersky.

Previously, foreign media reported that the company computers were found tools for hacking, used by only employees of the national security Agency USA (NSA).They were accidentally downloaded «Kaspersky», when the company struggled with the hacking group Equation Group, says the Russian newspaper «Vedomosti».

Kaspersky has assured AP that all classified government information that can be known of the company, will be immediately destroyed. On the question of whether he reported the incident to the NSA, he refused to answer.

Recall that in early October this year, the newspaper The New York Times and The Washington Post reported that Israeli government hackers found in computers, «Kaspersky Lab» tools for hacking, what are Israel warned the NSA. The Agency conducted an investigation and confirmed that the hack tools are at the disposal of the Russian government.

A month earlier, the U.S. Senate approved an amendment to the bill, under which Federal agencies, both military and civilian, were forbidden to use the software of company «Kaspersky Lab».
According to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, one of the authors of this initiative, the adoption of this norm would eliminate the «weak link» in the system of national security of the United States.

In October, the Ministry of homeland security issued a Directive ordering all government agencies and associated companies in the three months to discontinue use of the software «Kaspersky Lab», which can cause damage to the national security of the United States.

Kaspersky admitted that by mistake downloaded media tracking NSA

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