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Katinka Hossu was established in Netanya, a world record and won a fourth gold

Netanya continues the European championship on swimming on short water. Katinka Hossu set up a second world record and won a fourth gold medal of the tournament.

A distance of 100 metres the combined style she overcame 56,67 seconds, improving by 3 hundredths of a second own achievement.

In the second place, the Briton Siobhan-Marie O’connor, the third – Dutch Marrit Steenbergen, from which Amit Ivry behind by only 9 hundredths of a second.

100-meter freestyle. Women. 1. Sarah Lestrem (Sweden) 2. Renamo Kromowidjojo (Netherlands) 3. Veronika Popova (Russia) is an Israeli Andrea Moureze took in the final eighth place.

200-meter backstroke. Women. 1. Katinka Hossu (Hungary) 2. Daria Ustinova (Russia) 3. Ago Usc Gustafsdottir (Iceland)

200 metres the combined style. Men. 1. Laslo The Czech (Hungary) 2. Philip Heintz (Germany) 3. Diogo Filipe Carvalho (Portugal) Jacob Jan Tumarkin took the sixth place.

200-meter butterfly. Women. Francis Hentke (Germany) 2. Lara Granjon (France) 3. Polieri Alessia (Italy)

The 100-meter backstroke. Men. 1. Kawecki Radoslaw (Poland) 2. Stanislav Donets (Russia) 3. Christoph Walker-Hebborn (UK)

1500 meter freestyle. Men. 1. Paltrinieri Gregorio (Italy) 2. Detti Gabriele (Italy) 3. Henrik Christiansen (Norway)

50 meters freestyle. Men. 1. Evgeny Sedov (Russia) 2. Marco Orsi (Italy) 3. Sebastian Sepanski (Poland)

Relay 4 x 50 meters freestyle. Women. 1. Italy 2. The Netherlands 3. Russia, Israelis ranked sixth.

Katinka Hossu was established in Netanya, a world record and won a fourth gold 05.12.2015

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