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«Keren Edidut»: VIP-alia with a personal touch

A year ago the charity Fund «Keren Edidut» («Foundation of Friendship»), considers its main task involved in the fate of the state of Israel, to come to grips with the organization of aliyah from Ukraine – a country in the East which is the second year of the war. For the 12 months in the airport named after Ben-Gurion 2.200 landed immigrants.

«Keren Edidut» offers a fundamentally new type of repatriation – VIP-Aliya. Ofer Dahan, the head of the aliyah and klita Department of the «Foundation of Friendship», believes that a special attitude towards new citizens will allow to double the rate of aliyah from Ukraine to Israel.

On New year’s eve in Israel has flown more than 250 new immigrants from Ukraine: new year wishes new life and new happiness will become particularly relevant. Difficult and usually associated with great nervous and physical costs of repatriation of former citizens of Ukraine has greatly facilitated the «Foundation of Friendship».

Two days before departure to tel Aviv, the majority of returnees have settled in one of hotels of Kiev. They set up a seminar with the participation of sickness funds, employees of the Ministry of education and representatives of other spheres of Israeli life. Each visitor had a devoted audience in the local reality and answered dozens of emerging issues. The day from the airport «Borispol» had to fly two aircraft «Foundation of Friendship», the hotel received detailed instructions for travellers. As a result of this elaborate preparation, the returnees felt confident and had no doubt that in case of any problems the Fund will help them. Along with their owners, to permanent residence in Israel went 13 dogs and cats. Troublesome in the case of registration of exit documents for Pets their owners also helped «Keren Edidut».

During the flight the staff of the «Foundation of Friendship» was awarded to repatriates receipts: $ 1,000 per adult and 500 per child. It should be particularly noted that this amount represents a gift from «Keren Edidut» and in no way affects the receiving of immigrants from the traditional «basket» from the Ministry of immigrant absorption. Families, which in Israel is not waiting for relatives, also receive from the «Foundation of Friendship» coupon for 500 shekels for the purchase of necessary products in the network «Supersal». In addition, in the first year of your stay in the historic homeland «Keren Edidut» gives immigrants a coupon for 500 shekels for the holidays of Purim and Rosh Hashanah.

«Each prospective immigrant applying to the «Keren Edidut», becomes for the organization of VIP-persona, no matter how old he is, what is the composition of his family and financial situation,» says ofer Dahan, reinforcing his words with some examples. One of the most compelling illustrations of this is the organized transfer of Luggage. The Fund delivers completely new immigrants, in whatever city or village they live Ukraine, from lugging around heavy bags. Loaders «Keren Edidut» taking things from the house of returnee families and delivered them directly to the flight. After landing in Israel and the paperwork to Ben-Gurion, the Luggage loaded in the car, which lucky family on its first Israeli to address.

It should be noted that, thanks to the efforts of the staff of the «Foundation of Friendship», the basic documents, including the ID, the returnees are already in the first hours of your stay in the historic homeland. Often new immigrants want to change my name or last name, barely going down the stairs. This complicates the process of obtaining the documents, however, officers «Keren Edidut» do everything possible to ensure that the «ID documents» without delay in the hands of the owner.

Marina Pemancar, Director of immigration and absorption of Ukrainian and Moldovan regions «Foundation of Friendship», said that on the eve of the arrival of immigrants the Foundation staff contact the coordinators for absorption in different cities of Israel to prepare for incoming temporary housing. In case of need, «Keren Edidut» takes 3-4 days and pays first apartment olim.

During the first day the representative of «Foundation of Friendship» needs to make sure that every family is well settled. It is the employee «Keren Edidut» helps immigrants to open a Bank account and invest the check, to enroll in the health insurance Fund, to arrange their children to school or kindergarten. The Fund’s representatives resolve a variety of problems: from finding a dentist before you install the refrigerator in the new house. «Keren Edidut» pays the first summer camp for preschool and school age and sessions required for high-speed filling gaps in pupils ‘ knowledge. Every immigrant has a right to 4-hour private consultation with a specialist employment. As a result, each immigrant family is not only preparing for Aliya under the Foundation of Friendship, but still at least a year after the arrival to the Promised Land, is under the care of «Keren Edidut».

Seventeenth «flight of friendship», organized at the end of December «Keren Edidut», in Israel went a few families from Donetsk. For example, family Sakinah, in which 9 people belonging to four generations. The head of the family – Nina I. Shashkin, soon to be 80 years old. Shashkini in Donetsk was occupied by four apartments, which had to leave after city were heard explosions, and in the next house of broken glass. The initiator of family repatriation was the grandson of Nina Ivanovna, Andrei. In his words, «Foundation of Friendship» really helped him and his family the very friendly support to its employees could ask any question, anytime. «We should not be afraid to ask questions and hope for the best,» says Andrew.

The Fund «Keren Edidut», created in 1983 in the USA by Rabbi Yehiel by Eckstein, exists mainly thanks to donations of American Christians. The head of the aliyah and klita Department of the «Foundation of Friendship», ofer Dahan, believes that the VIP-Aliya – not too expensive for Israel. Moreover, if we ensure an individual approach to repatriation may a private Foundation, the state more able to afford such costs.

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«Keren Edidut»: VIP-alia with a personal touch 30.12.2015

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