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Kerry: no ground operation against ISIS is not enough. Review of Arab media

Many Arab media, in particular TV channels «al-Jazeera» and «al Arabiya», quoting a speech in Belgrade, on the margins of OSCE Ministerial meeting, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, who said that the Islamic state can be defeated within months after reaching a truce between Assad and the moderate opposition. Kerry also acknowledged that the actions of one aviation will be little need for a ground operation. However, he stressed that talks about the operations of the Syrian army and its Arab allies (obviously, referring to Hizbullah), «Western troops».

The Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin» reports fierce fighting by some armed groups and is militants North of Aleppo. Based on available data, we are not talking about the actions of the regular army of Syria.

The Lebanese TV channel «al-Manar» belonging to «Hezbollah», in a special report, on the actions of the Russian army in Syria, said that the Israeli authorities were amazed at how quickly Russians took the situation under control. «Al-Manar» recommends that the Israelites «to prepare for new surprises.»

Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Rai» claims that Iran plans soon to join operations against the «Islamic state» in Syria by sending its military aircraft to support efforts by the Russian aerospace defence forces. The authors do not give concrete data on the transfer of Iranian aviation.

The website appearing in a London based Saudi newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat» notes that so far no official confirmation of the reports of the death of the leader of the Taliban Mullah Mansour. That he died from wounds sustained during a firefight with other field commanders in Quetta, previously told the Chinese Agency «Xinhua» referring to the Afghan authorities.

Kerry: no ground operation against ISIS is not enough. Review of Arab media 04.12.2015

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