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King Salman made Israel to open temple mount. Review of Arab media

Leaving London Saudi newspaper «Ash-shark al-Ausat» writes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Paris asked the President of France Emmanuel Makron to use its influence in Beirut, in order to prevent the transfer to Lebanon of the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas, expelled from Qatar.

London website «Elaphite» interviewed the former defense Minister of Israel Moshe ya’alon. According to him, the authorities in Lebanon is not for the government and the group «Hezbollah» and Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. «If he decides to fight, Lebanon will be at war, regardless of what price the country will have to pay,» says the captain.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reports that Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Numan Kurtulmus called a crime against humanity that the Israeli decision to close for two days access to the temple mount. The channel reminds us that, despite the decision on normalization of relations, they remain strained. Turkey also supports Hamas.

The website Arab News claims that Saudi Arabia’s king Salman personally appealed to the American administration to force Israel to immediately lift the ban on the rise of Muslims to the temple mount. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited by Saudi representatives to visit the Shrine and to see the situation.

Egyptian newspaper «al-Masry al-yum» writes that the decision of the Governor of the province of the Red sea, Ahmed Abdullah was forbidden to put on the beaches to those who are not hotel guests. Thereby canceled practice a day. As has established a consequence, terrorists who killed two German tourists who bought a ticket for a day stay at the hotel.

King Salman made Israel to open temple mount. Review of Arab media 18.07.2017

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