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Knife attack in the centre of Vienna. Details

Three hours after the first reports of the attack on the passers-by with the use of bladed weapons in the centre of Vienna police continue the manhunt. According to the publication, injured at least four people.

The first attack against the criminal committed in the metro area, praterstrasse widens at near a Japanese restaurant. It happened around 8 PM. The offender has been stabbed man and two women, seriously wounding them. Later it turned out that the wounded are close relatives (parents and adult daughter). They are citizens of Austria.

A local resident, who was approximately 100 metres away from the scene, told reporters of a local TV station that, seeing how fiercely a man raises and lowers his hand, she thought that he beat his dog. But then I realized that was wrong. The victim of the criminal screamed in pain.

The offender fled the scene before the police arrived. On Praterstern square was injured another person.

The police are not rushing to conclusions about the motives of this crime.

Knife attack in the centre of Vienna. Details 08.03.2018

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