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Kobzon has acted in Syria before the Russian military: «They are fighting for their country»

Hamim at the airbase in Northwest Syria ended with the solemn events dedicated to celebrated in Russia on 23 February, the defender of the Fatherland Day. The final chord of the concert of Iosif Kobzon.

The singer arrived in Syria accompanied by the Central band of the Ministry of defense and the first woman flew into space – major-General military-space forces of Valentina Tereshkova.

Statement before the Russian military was supposed to last about two hours, however, Kobzon has performed longer than planned. As reports TV channel «Zvezda», one of the songs was dedicated to a downed pilot by the Turks, su-24 Oleg Peshkov.

«Russia is helping Syria to regain its national dignity. It is a fact. Only need what is happening in this field, where we are standing,» said the singer, referring to the military.

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» writes that on his lapel Kobzon glittered star «hero of the DPR». This is not just pilots and combat pilots. And DND — heroic Republic. So, it all fits together,» said singer, adding that Russian troops fighting in the middle East «for the Motherland».

Tereshkova remembered about the first visit to Syria. After the flight into space the father of the current President Hafez Assad, who was then Minister of defence, has awarded its highest award Syria. In parting guests signed on the fuselages of combat aircraft.

Kobzon has acted in Syria before the Russian military: «They are fighting for their country» 29.02.2016

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