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Kommersant: Russia’s first experience in combat in Syria, the su-35S

According to the newspaper Kommersant, Syria deployed the latest su-35S, which will soon will be first tested in real combat conditions.

The publication notes that the transfer of the su-35S was carried out against the backdrop of another escalation of conflict between Turkey and Russia after Ankara accused the Russian military in a new violation of air borders. According to the defense ministries of Turkey and the United States, a Russian su-34 that participated in operations on the territory of Syria, January 29, violated Turkish airspace. Moscow denies the accusations.

It was reported that on the background of aggravation of the conflict of the forces of the Turkish army near the Syrian border were in a state of high alert.

«Kommersant» referring to own sources writes that in Syria spanned four newest fighter su-35S, which in October-November last year were handed over to the Russian army aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. These aircraft initially joined the 23rd fighter regiment 303rd guards mixed air division of the 11th army air force and air defense of the Eastern military district (airfield of Dzemgi) and then were transferred to Astrakhan (the Volga airfield). However, a few days ago the su-35C took off from Astrakhan through the Caspian sea, and airspace of Iran and Iraq reached the Syrian Latakia. According to the officer of the General staff of the Russian Federation, now a mixed air group of the Russian armed forces at the airbase Hmamin more than 70 aircraft and helicopters.

Kommersant: Russia’s first experience in combat in Syria, the su-35S 01.02.2016

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