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«Kommersant»: the Turkish «Grey wolves» can be involved in the attack aboard an A321

Sunday, February 1, in the Russian newspaper «Kommersant» published two articles devoted to investigation of circumstances of terrorist attack on Board the aircraft A321 «Kogalymavia», which killed 224 people. Author Oleg Rubikovich.

In the first article entitled «In plane explosion appeared Turkish wolves» tells that in the Russian special services say about the possible involvement of the Turkish radical nationalist organization «Grey wolves» associated with the «Islamic state». The article mentions other attacks carried out by militants of this group, but not explained, which suggests their possible involvement in the undermining of Russian aircraft over Egyptian territory.

Recall that the responsibility for the attack took on another group linked to ISIS: «Vilayat Sinai» (ex — «Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis»).

The second article on the same subject, under the title «On account of this grouping dozens of terrorist attacks not only in Turkey but all over the world», is an interview that takes radio presenter Maxim Mitchenkov («Kommersant FM») the journalist Oleg Rubikovich, which States the following: «that the FSB knows who is behind this terrorist act, the Minister Bortnikov said at the end of last year. However, no further details followed. According to sources, «Kommersant», in the security services believe that the terrorist attack from a Russian Airbus involved in radical Turkish organization «Grey wolves». Why made such findings is still unknown, can only say that one of the leaders of this organization, Alpaslan çelik has claimed responsibility for the murder of a Russian bomber pilot shot down a Turkish fighter jet in Syria».

Rubikovich confirms that the Turkish «Grey wolves» did not take responsibility for the destruction of a Russian airliner over the territory of Egypt, adding: «the fact that the organization, as we know, there are some flows that are essentially independent from each other, and to take or not to take responsibility, as here represented, can the leaders of these movements. Here çelik has claimed responsibility for killing the Russian pilot. As for the history of Airbus, it is possible that such statements will follow if it is indeed true that these organizations are involved in this group».

«Kommersant»: the Turkish «Grey wolves» can be involved in the attack aboard an A321 01.02.2016

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