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«Kosher means good»: the restaurant «Shallot» and in Ramat-Hayal

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«I have long held Jewish tradition: at home I have a kosher kitchen, so have to eat a Jew, and because the decision was not just a kosher restaurant, a Glatt-kosher».

Famous Moscow restaurateur Mikhail (Misha) Amaev has opened a new restaurant and in Ramat-Hayal, the most secular tel Aviv area, called it «Shallots» — in honor of the sweetest varieties of onions, an essential ingredient of the present Jewish cuisine. He feeds guests like in Moscow – a wide scope and is tasty, tasty, tasty…

The famous chef made a bet on quality products, choosing your menu, the best meats, fish, vegetables. And then he mixes them in different ways, creating a unique author’s cuisine. Caucasian? European? Jewish? Israel? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.

Judge for yourself – in the menu you will find grilled eggplant, served with black or green tehina, SOTE «Ajab Sandal», Georgian lobio, a home Lecho Hungarian, Viennese schnitzel, chicken Pulaski, homemade meat pies, dumplings…

Menu, as in any high-class restaurant, a small, but extremely diverse.

Chef Mike Amaev believes it is very important to know who you’re feeding – whether it’s a family lunch or a romantic dinner for two, came to dinner company hungry bachelors, or staff from a nearby office ordered a formal Banquet.

Amaev for many years feeding of the famous musicians and artists, diplomats and politicians, rabbis and secular. «All is for all» – smiling chef, who not to scare the high demands of consumers-gourmets, those who travel a lot around the world and attends the culinary capital of the world.

And what is the flagship dish of the restaurant «meadrin»? This is definitely something exclusive and rare: Misha is a pate of duck liver and lamb ribs cooked on the Caucasus recipe in a special «newscom» marinade.

Meat that would meet the requirements of this restaurant, the market is small, it is in short supply, and bring from afar. There is a real hunt for raw materials, but Misha amaeva is even encouraged – so in the world that begins with the kosher kitchen.

«I was recently in Manhattan for about half an hour to eat in a kosher diner. But me in the queue was two or three people in piles, the other secular, both white and blacks just because the food was fresh, tasty, cooked in front of visitors,» says Mike.

Almost twenty years ago, Misha Amaev with partners opened Russia’s first kosher restaurant – on the red Square in Gum. The restaurant under the name «Montmartre» it was so delicious and cozy that one hundred and fifty metres square, going up to three hundred people. And it is in the years of crisis
98-th year, the shortage of kosher products.

«Maybe we are not so a lot of it earned, but I discovered so many really good, learned things I didn’t before never, saw something never seen before. Learned something that you never did» – says the chief.

Like a true Maestro, Mike Amaev is never tired to learn to cook and entertain.

The address of the restaurant «Shallot» in Israel: building A-Barzel, 3, tel Aviv.

Phone: 03-7324411 Website:

«Kosher means good»: the restaurant «Shallot» and in Ramat-Hayal 14.01.2018

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