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Ksenia Svetlova: «Russian names is not an insult»

On 8 December at the plenary session of Knesset member Menachem Moses («Jadot a-Torah») knowingly misrepresented several times the name «Russian» Svetlova MP, to hurt and insult her for her part in the ceremony of lighting the Hanukkah candles at the Western Wall.

In particular, MP from the ultra-Orthodox party said: «Then came this «Chtenia, Slvenia, I don’t know her name, what her name exactly, Tania».

Ksenia Svetlova, commenting on the performance of a colleague, said Menachem Eliezer Moses, probably thinks he’s insulting her. But it’s not. «I’m proud of my name, and if a member of Parliament Moses someone was insulted, deliberately mangling my name, only himself.» She also expressed hope that the conduct of Deputy Moses will deal with the ethics Committee.

She later commented on this incident in his blog on Facebook:

«My name is Ksenia Svetlova. So I called the parents. Mom liked the name that was often given in the 70-ies (in the 1st class of my Moscow school was 3 Xenia). Last name is father’s. He is a writer, art historian, the son of Konstantin Valerius, the enemy of the people, murdered by Stalin in 1937. The Pope, in order to save from persecution, wrote in her passport under the name of his stepfather, a famous sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich, and after coming of age dad took a stage name Svetlov. He lived with this name my whole life and gave it to me, his only daughter. Out of respect and love for him and my mom I am like hundreds of thousands of Israelis who made aliyah — I don’t changed and won’t change his name….»

«….Just last week I spoke in the Knesset about the racism faced little girl, the daughter of Russian immigrants at a school in Petah Tikva. I can only say one thing: if I, a grown woman, not easy to read takaki, in which I propose to return to Russia and write that «the Kotel» is not all girls named Tatiana and Svetlana, for the little girl to hear the expression «the Russian hooker» can be disruptive». Your post member ends by saying that she was glad she had become a member of the Knesset, to fight back on behalf of all those who try to insult or humiliate.

Ksenia Svetlova: «Russian names is not an insult» 08.12.2015

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