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Kurdistan – a new «hot spot», which will be involved, and Russia. Review of Russian media

«A Palestinian shot dead three Israelis in the West Bank» – so titled an article on the website of the information Agency RIA Novosti, which said that the attacker tried under the guise of working to pass in the village, located North-West of Jerusalem, but caused suspicion among the guards. The result of the incident, three Israelis were killed and one man wounded. The assailant was eliminated.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, took place on the eve of the referendum on independence for the region, which provoked a storm of criticism – as in Baghdad, and abroad. The Iraqi Parliament this morning voted for the resignation of all Kurdish civil servants and officials involved in the referendum, and decided to place armed forces in areas controlled by Kurds, writes on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

Meanwhile, the authorities of Turkey, Iran and Syria said they would not recognize the results of the plebiscite and, moreover, to introduce in respect of separatists steps down to the power. The President of Turkey threatened to ban the transit of oil and gas from Iraqi Kurdistan, which, of course, would undermine the economy of the autonomy, and the Turkish foreign Minister reminded recordscom the population of the territories, which was organized the vote: «the Turkish army would intervene immediately if our Turkmen brothers will suffer». Among the disclosed Ankara’s threats – closing the air and land borders with the Kurdish autonomy.

On Tuesday it became known that in Moscow to conduct a forensic medical examination delivered discovered in the mountains of Ingushetia, the remains of several bodies – presumably of fighters of North Caucasian armed underground. Among them, perhaps, the corpse of the former militant leader Doku Umarov, who were destroyed in 2013 during a security forces RAID. Officially, the death action movie was announced a year later. If Umarov identificeret, excited against him a criminal case can be closed, writes the same publication.

In Syria, the Russian military brought a 200-meter crossing of the Euphrates. The creation of metal floating bridge, passed under artillery and mortar fire international terrorists, writes Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

The pontoon bridge built at the initiative of the Russian Center for conciliation of the parties, it will provide the ability to deliver the inhabitants of the destroyed Syrian cities to humanitarian assistance. In addition, crossing actively used by the military of the Syrian army, which take over the Euphrates columns of armored vehicles, ammunition and food.

Director of the analytical group for sovereign ratings Agency Fitch Eric Arizpe said that the international ratings Agency, sees the potential to increase the rating of Russia to level BBB.

«Russia was the first sovereign who received a rating of Fitch, which changes the trend of expectations in the credit cycle, that is, the rating is not only stabilized, but also reveals the potential to increase» – quotes its words of RIA Novosti .

According to Arizpe anti-Russian sanctions will not affect financial flexibility Russia: «If to speak about sanctions, even if they are tightened, will not affect financial flexibility» – said financial analyst.

«Turkey, Iraq and Iran are drawn into a new war. And Russia, too?» – is the title of an article by Darya Aslamova in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», where she explains why the holding of a referendum on independence «distant Kurdistan» will affect her country.

«On the map of the Middle East on fire new hot spot, and in the funnel of a future war will inevitably involve Russia. Iraqi Kurdistan, despite the numerous protests of the international community, held a referendum on independence. The outcome of it was obvious. The victory of supporters of independence and inevitable, final collapse of Iraq. And that means war. The referendum directly threatens the territorial integrity of the three neighbouring States: Turkey, Iran and Syria,» – said in the article.

Kurdistan – a new «hot spot», which will be involved, and Russia. Review of Russian media 26.09.2017

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