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Kuwait introduces conscription, draft Dodgers face jail

Kuwait began implementation of the law on universal military duty. The Emirate became the 11th Arab state, which imposed a call. The law was repealed 16 years ago, but introduced again in connection with threat of terror and the regional situation.

The Ministry of defense demanded that all citizens who have reached 18 years of age before 10 may 2017 registered or in the recruiting centres, or via the Internet. It allotted 60 days.

«Those who evade registration will have to serve for three months longer. In addition, they face a prison sentence of from two to three years, a monetary fine and a ban to leave the territory of Kuwait,» reads the Ministry statement.

It is also noted that crimes have no Statute of limitations, because it was aimed against the state and society.

However, for recruits provides various benefits, depending on their level of education. Among them – loss of job, pay and priority in access to public service.

Kuwait introduces conscription, draft Dodgers face jail 11.07.2017

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