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La Repubblica: Another «black list» of Jews. The Rome Prosecutor’s office is investigating

Mauro Favale

Italian prosecutors opened an investigation against anti-Semitic Radio Islam website published a list of «influential Jews in Italy». Just under the gun extremists were 200 journalists, actors, teachers and businessmen, says Mauro Favale in an article published in the newspaper La Repubblica.

«In the section «About us» outlines the program: «Radio Islam is against all types and forms of racism, against discrimination based on skin colour, religion and ethnicity. Therefore, Radio Islam is against Jewish racism against non-Jews and objectives of international Zionism». Obviously, what this website says about Israel more than Islam. It came to the publication of the next list of «influential Jews in Italy,» writes the correspondent.

«More than 200 journalists, actors, University professors, entrepreneurs were assigned to the «Jewish monopoly in the Italian media». This black list will prosecutors in Rome opened a case against unknown yet suspected of crimes associated with threats and slander, burdened by racist hatred,» the article says.

The Prosecutor instructed the investigation to the postal police, where staff will try to identify the owners of the site registered in Arizona, translated into 23 languages and over-full of anti-Semitic propaganda. Such materials published in the past right-wing extremists Storm front. The founder of Radio Islam website supposedly is a 69-year-old Ahmed Rami, a Moroccan military and the politician, who received political asylum in Sweden in 1973, the article says.

This is another list that convinced the Prosecutor to initiate an investigation. In the list, including the names of the journalists Paolo Mieli, Roberto Saviano, Enrico Mentana, Gad Lerner, Minuma Clemente, Maurizio Molinari, Corrado of Augias, Furio Colombo and Flammy Nirenstein, who was recently appointed Ambassador of Israel in Italy, the correspondent reports.

According to the head of the Jewish community of Rome Ruth Durighello, it’s «dangerous incitement to violence». And Gad Lerner said that «on Radio Islam sitting weak-minded and evil people: «the black list drawn up of Jews with a huge number of mistakes.»

La Repubblica: Another «black list» of Jews. The Rome Prosecutor’s office is investigating 19.12.2015

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