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La Repubblica: Mother London terrorist: «My son was worn out inside»

«He called me on the phone last Thursday, in the middle of the day. In hindsight I realize that it is in his plans was a farewell call. Although he said nothing specific, I could hear it in his voice,» – said in an interview with Italian magazine L?Espresso Valeria Collina Khadijah, the mother of Yusef Zogby, one of the three terrorists responsible for the terrorist attack in London, which killed seven people.

On Tuesday morning, says the correspondent Brahim Maarad, the agents of the Digos (Department of General investigations and special operations of the Italian police) from Bologna, where he lives Valeria Collina, came to her home. Opening the door, Valerie thought her again to ask about her son, because she (the Muslim woman that’s 26 years) reported to the police about the disappearance of Youssef. But the agents immediately stopped her: «sorry, we’re not here for that, we have come to tell you more. Your son is dead». The journalist commented: «Youssef, a 22-year-old Italian-Moroccan, who last year tried to do in Bologna for a flight to Turkey, has become in London of a soldier.»

«You tried to understand what caused it his desire to join ISIS?» – asked the mother of the reporter. «In the past, even before he tried to get on that flight, he showed me some videos about Syria woman answered. But he never told me about having to go to fight. For him, Syria was a place where you can live according to pure Islam. He talked about it being that he inspired in the Internet. I always told him that there are horrible things that he did not show. Unfortunately, I was unable to persuade him».

«You feel guilty?» – asked the journalist. «When children are wrong, parents are always something to blame,’ replied her mother Zogby. But I put all my strength and I think he was worn out inside. We always check with whom he is friendly, and saw to it that he didn’t trust the wrong people. But it was the Internet, and from there everything comes. Neither in Italy nor in Morocco, where he studied computer science at the University of FEZ, he never succumbed to any influence.»

«However, in London it happened» – said the author. «The block did not inspire me tranquility, – the woman told. – I was there, and I didn’t like. There he socialized with the wrong people.»

«Many imams don’t want to make it to the funeral rites,» – said the journalist. «I understand them and agree with their decision because it is necessary to give a strong political signal and to send a message to the families of the victims and non-Muslims,» said Colin.

«I understand that to apologize is useless, so I agree and promise that I will dedicate my life to never happened,» the woman added. Mother Sagbi going to «teach the people the true Islam, trying to convince the family to fill the void, which may face their children. «We must fight the ideology of true knowledge, and I will do it by all means», – concluded Colin.

La Repubblica: Mother London terrorist: «My son was worn out inside» 07.06.2017

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