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La Vanguardia: Putin turns to pragmatism


Over the past year in the international geostrategic environment was an important reversal, which may have influenced the change of course of the Kremlin and declared his Imperial ambitions, writes La Vanguardia in an editorial. Negotiated nuclear agreement «six» with Iran, and the Syrian conflict «has forced the U.S. and Russia to seek understanding, if they really want to stop the expansion of the Caliphate,» the article says.

On the conflict in Ukraine, the newspaper writes: «Although Moscow remains in force, the international community’s pressure and sanctions to force Putin to change behavior in order to return to the diplomatic path».

The newspaper believes that current oil prices are creating a very serious problem that is forcing Putin to «conduct a much more pragmatic policy and even to indicate the possibility of agreements on Ukraine.»

In any case, Putin «does not speak in the tone a year ago when he seemed ready to take any risk, if only to defend their positions». According to the newspaper, Russia still strives to regain status as a world power, but its policy of expanding influence in Asia and Africa, stumbles upon the expansion of Western interests which obliges to defuse tensions and to try to negotiate. «Especially about the future of Syria: apparently, there’s both sides of the negotiations are obliged to cooperate», — the newspaper writes.

La Vanguardia: Putin turns to pragmatism 18.12.2015

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