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«Labor» voted for unilateral disengagement plan with the PA

On the evening of 7 February, in «Ganey, Taaruha» in tel Aviv was held a conference of party «Avoda», which the leader of the parliamentary opposition and labor party Chairman Isaac Herzog presented his plan of «unilateral disengagement with the PA».

Radio station «Sieves Beth» notes that the plan of the Duke has caused heated debate, but the vast majority of the participants of the conference endorsed provided the program, which then will form the basis of the political program of the party. The press service of «labor» noted that «for the first time in many years, the labour party voted for a comprehensive plan to ensure security.»

In presenting its program Isaac Herzog said that «only full separation from the Palestinians will preserve the Jewish majority in Israel, will allow to complete construction of fence around the large settlement enclaves». Isaac Herzog said that without the «disengagement,» Israel will become a Binational state, having lost its Jewish character.

The party leader «Avoda» also said that in the preparation of this plan were lessons learned from how the Likud has held the disengagement in the Gaza strip. «The IDF will remain in all territories and do not move,» said Isaac Herzog.

Isaac Herzog also said that the only way to defeat Netanyahu in parliamentary elections is to offer voters a modest program, to return the shipment to the path that Ben-Gurion and Rabin. «Who will not turn radically left or radically right, because we are the ruling party of the center», — reminded the speaker.

The leader of «labor» has confidently declared that his program of «disengagement» will support 65% of Israelis. «We will win because we offer only real solution which supports two-thirds of Israelis!» – added Isaac Herzog.

According to a survey conducted earlier this month by the Israeli democracy Institute in cooperation with tel-Aviv University, 41.5% of the respondents agree with the statement of the Duke that «we need to separate from the largest possible number of Palestinians,» and 52 percent are opposed. However, if we break respondents into supporters of certain parties, according to the survey, a different picture emerges: among the electorate «Zionist camp» plan for Duke’s support 49% of the respondents and against the plan are 43%, while among the electorate NDI and the «Likud» for «the plan of the Duke» are 78% and 64%, respectively. The majority of supporters of political parties, MERETZ and the «Bayt Yehudi» oppose initiatives of the Duke (75% and 55% respectively).

«Labor» voted for unilateral disengagement plan with the PA 08.02.2016

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