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Lapid accused Netanyahu’s entourage of corruption, Bennett was supported by Prime Minister

Monday, July 10, the leader of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid and the head of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett commented on the arrest of six suspected of involvement in the «case of 3000», which investigated suspicions of corruption in the purchase of submarines to the IDF.

«Among the detainees are the members of the inner circle of the Prime Minister. This case is not only a corruption investigation. This is a blow to state security», — said the head of «Yesh Atid».

«The investigation is in full swing, much is unknown to us. But among what we know and what nobody can deny is absolutely clear that the budget of the Ministry of defense, without special permits, were transferred huge amounts of money to Bank accounts in Germany and Cyprus. Then the money back into the pockets of people close to the head of the government,» he added.

In turn, Minister of education and head of the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett said: «As a member of the Cabinet, speaking in support of this transaction, I want to say: as far as I know and as far as I can tell, all the motives of the Prime Minister in the organization and promotion of the transaction was a business based solely on the interests of state security. I have no doubt that the Prime Minister acted in full accordance with the law, and extend to him their full support in this matter.»

And Bennett and Lapid spoke out against the possible release of terrorists in exchange for the bodies of IDF soldiers. Bennett said that Ministers from the «Bayt Yehudi» would vote against such transaction at the meeting of the government. At the same time he refused to answer the question whether for him this issue is a «red line».

Lapid accused Netanyahu’s entourage of corruption, Bennett was supported by Prime Minister 10.07.2017

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