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Lapid and Lieberman have strongly criticized the foreign policy activity of the government

Wednesday, 29 February, the Knesset held a meeting to discuss the status of Israel in the international arena and severe crisis, in which resides the foreign Ministry initiated by the leaders of the opposition parties Yair Lapid («Yesh Atid») and Avigdor Liberman («Israel Our home»). In the message the press-services of both parties the meeting is called emergency.

«The inaction of the head of the government is causing irreparable damage to Israel not only in the international arena, but also in the sphere of national security. For all history of existence of our state, his position was not so bad. Israeli propaganda are five departments, and is actually nobody. And the saddest thing is that the Israeli government doesn’t understand how everything started. You cannot close the Israeli Embassy, on the basis of political motives. The state should be the Minister of foreign Affairs, working full-time – otherwise impossible to effectively conduct foreign policy, which is needed more than ever to Israel. In recent years, the BDS movement is gaining strength, and foreign media, international organizations and especially the UN continue to lead an anti-Israel policy. You can win and the BBC, and CNN, you can make the world hear our voice. But for this to work, and work correctly,» said Yair Lapid at this meeting.

«You can’t take and destroy everything to the ground. The foreign Ministry is not the property of the Netanyahu family. The government has no clear foreign policy strategy nor a particular political line. In this area there is complete anarchy,» he stressed, in his turn, Avigdor Lieberman. Former Minister of foreign Affairs noted that with a budget of 5 million shekels a year on outreach work of the foreign Ministry is not able to oppose BDS, and the closure of Israeli missions around the world in the current situation – this is the real madness.

«How can you close the Consulate in Philadelphia, where he lives 200 thousand Jews? It is the second city in number of the Jewish population in the U.S., there is the representation of 37 States, out 4 Congressman. Or Consulate in Marseille, which also is home to many Jews? And this at a time when planned mass Aliya from France. The Jews just leave in the United States or other countries. In the Caribbean the Embassy is a pittance, and we, closing his distance from the whole region. Absolutely absurd step is closing Embassy in Belarus. Only for the last year Minsk was visited by the German Chancellor, the French President, Chairman of the people’s Republic of China, the Prime Minister of India. Belarus is one of the active participants in the resolution process between Russia and Ukraine. Agreement between these States by chance are called «Minsk». Instead to strengthen relations with that country, Netanyahu is doing the opposite,» said Lieberman.

The head of the party NDI pointed to the catastrophic lack of a unified approach to foreign policy that Israel inflicts on the world stage a lot of harm. «Ministers are saying diametrically the opposite of the things. This morning, Elkin strongly opposed to the Palestinian authority, and the GALANT is as strongly in her defense. The Prime Minister seems to be promoting a process of reconciliation with Turkey, but the Minister of justice in parallel favours the creation of a Kurdish state. As consistent one with the other – unknown to anyone. The government can’t be 3-4 conflicting positions», said Avigdor Liberman.

Lapid and Lieberman have strongly criticized the foreign policy activity of the government 29.02.2016

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