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Launch high-speed train to Jerusalem was postponed for another 4 months

In accordance with the operational plan of the Israeli railway company («Rakevet Israel»), for completion of infrastructure works on the high-speed railway line tel Aviv-Jerusalem moved from March to July 2018, reports ynet.

In addition, despite promises to put the peak on the branch, four trains per hour at least until 2022 it will only go two trains per hour. In 2022 their number will increase to three trains per hour.

In order to bring the number up to the promised four trains per hour, the company must add the amount of ruts in the coastal corridor. Work on laying the new ruts are provided in terms of development of Railways until 2040.

For service branches, the company has specially purchased a more powerful locomotive capable of hauling a greater number of cars. However, on Sundays and Thursdays 20% of train passengers route Carmiel-Haifa-tel Aviv-Jerusalem will have to ride standing up.

Note that, according to initial plans, the high-speed line had become operational in 2008. However, for various reasons, the deadline has been repeatedly postponed, and their budget has grown substantially.

Launch high-speed train to Jerusalem was postponed for another 4 months 25.07.2017

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