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Launched the drone from Gaza fell in Israeli territory

On the 5th of August Israel dropped a UAV, launched from the Gaza strip. Drone experts check the IDF.

— Hamas said that forced Israel to spend money on protection from UAV

IDF spokesman reports that we are talking about the quadcopter.

Details of incident are specified.

Small unmanned aerial vehicles of helicopter type (multicopter), which is growing in popularity in the world and made available, can be exploited not only for espionage but also for sabotage.

Realizing this threat, the authorities of many countries have imposed restrictions on the right of ownership and the possibility of launching such drones. From 21 December 2015 holders of UAVs of all types in the United States are required to register aircraft. Hundreds of thousands of owners of the multicopter in the United States have been registered since the end of last year.

In Israel there are also serious restrictions on the use of drones. Law-abiding owner of such equipment must obtain a license to get insurance through the club. The standard license gives the right to fly with the removal of up to 50 meters from the operator. The Ministry of transport to and extended license – for flights of up to 250 meters, is a more complicated procedure, and such license usually get to use the quadcopter for commercial purposes. Flying at a distance of 250 meters is prohibited in Israel, if the operator has not received the prior approval of the authorities.

In addition, due to the difficult situation in the sphere of security, in many areas – in places of a mass congestion of people, near military bases, strategic facilities, industrial enterprises, border with the Palestinian authority, near private lands, etc. – flights «non-state» of the UAV is prohibited. As noted on the dedicated website on the issues of drone aircraft in the case of carrying out such a mission the UAV will not necessarily shot down or taken away, but if the flight is detected, law enforcement bodies will quickly find the operator, most likely confiscate the memory card of the camera, and the person who has violated the rules, can expect serious trouble. Often have to clash with police and broadcasters who try to use unmanned multicopter for filming in the cities, in the combat zone, terrorist attack, etc.

However, on the territory of the Palestinian authority, no such limitations do not apply if we are not talking about the areas controlled by the Israeli military. Terrorist organizations are showing increasing interest in unmanned aerial technology, freely available at online stores. However, the delivery of such equipment in PA, particularly in Gaza, is problematic.

Last year at the Kerem Shalom crossing guards of the Ministry of defence together with the investigators of the General security service (Shin bet) prevented the smuggling of unmanned multicopters in the Gaza strip who tried to smuggle in a container of toys for children. Another party was arrested in may of this year.

How many multicopter managed through Israel or Egypt to smuggle into Gaza, could not be verified. But it is known that Hamas militants have this equipment and learn to run a mini-UAV near the border fence.

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Launched the drone from Gaza fell in Israeli territory

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