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Lawyers Zadorova received permission to conduct a DNA analysis of the heroine of the film «Shadow of truth»

Attorney Yoram Halevy in an interview with radio station «Kahn Beth» said that 10 days ago the Supreme court ordered to transfer the protection of Roman Zadorova serving sentences on charges in the murder of schoolgirl Tair’s Sake, the materials of the investigation. According to the lawyer, part of the evidence collected at the scene of the crime, the investigation have never been tested.

In particular, counsel stated that some of the fingerprints and hair found at the crime scene, the investigation is not sent to the lab.

«It is important to note that since the beginning of 2106 at about that time, when the Supreme court dismissed the appeal of the Novel Zadorova, we obtain from the prosecution the transfer of our investigation and verification of evidence. For example, only a portion of the hair found at the crime scene were examined. However, the examination carried out abroad, showed that of the hair found on the body of Tair Rada, belong to the woman, but they do not belong to the girl, » said the lawyer.

In an interview with the lawyer Yoram Halevy said that he thinks he knows the killer’s identity, and he intends to compare the DNA results of the hair from the crime scene with the DNA of the suspect. «This woman has been reported. This is AK, where a former friend on their own initiative came to the police and reported that he confessed to the murder of Schoolgirls, and also revealed a bloody knife and a wig. The young man was detained by police for 10 days, and his girlfriend one day. It is known that A. K. later tried to kill another man and was placed on two years in a psychiatric clinic. «Today she is free. We received permission to remove the prints from that woman and make a comparative DNA analysis,» said the lawyer.

Note that in spring 2016 8-channel cable television, Israel has shown a documentary film «Shade the truth» in one of the series which is a testimony of a young man A., who claimed that his ex-girlfriend A. K. is the true murderer of Tair Rada. In the course of the police investigation A. To reject all suspicions in the address, asserting that «a former friend accuses her, as she decided to break up with him.» Version A. was rejected by the police, prosecution and the Supreme court.

20 Jul 2016 A. K. filed in the magistrate’s court in Petah Tikva with a defamation suit against his former friend A., demanding a compensation of 500,000 NIS. The petition stated: «the defendant has vowed to destroy the good name of the plaintiff by spreading false information and lies, that unfortunately, has received wide publicity».

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Lawyers Zadorova received permission to conduct a DNA analysis of the heroine of the film «Shadow of truth» 25.09.2017

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