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LDPR calls to cancel the Olympics in Brazil because of the virus zika

The liberal democratic party of Russia called on the International Olympic Committee urging them not to hold the Olympics in Brazil in connection with the epidemic of zika virus, according to the official website of the party.

The statement said that the disease is dangerous for its rapid spread, and the situation in Brazil raises concerns.

«In this regard, the liberal democratic party urges IOC to prohibit the holding of the summer Olympic games in Brazil», — said in a statement.

Last week, representatives of several national Olympic committees shall not exclude the participation of athletes of their countries in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

Recall that in early February the world health organization (who) declared emergencies on a global scale the rapid spread of the virus zika, which led to thousands of births of children with microcephaly. To date, cases of infection recorded in 27 countries of the North American, South American and Asia-Pacific regions.

The virus is carried by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, in addition, researchers are trying to install, not whether it is transmitted sexually. The vaccine has not yet been developed.

LDPR calls to cancel the Olympics in Brazil because of the virus zika 14.02.2016

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